Most of the data from my published/submitted works are available from various sources, including this webpage. Please always feel free to get in touch if you can't find what you're looking for or if you need anything that is not included in the release. If you end up using our calculations, please consider letting me know about your project!
Each release is accompanied by a README file with detailed descriptions, following is just a brief summary:


High Resolution Study of Presupernova Compactness

Sukhbold, T., Woosley, S. E., Heger. A. (2017, ApJ submitted)


The Most Luminous Supernovae

Sukhbold, T. & Woosley, S. (2016, ApJL)


Core-Collapse Supernovae from 9 to 120 Solar Masses Based on Neutrino-powered Explosions

Sukhbold, T., Ertl, T., Woosley, S., Brown, J., Janka, H.-T. (2016, ApJ)

Magnetar Powered Ordinary Type IIP Supernovae

Sukhbold, T. & Thompson, T. A. (2017, MNRAS)
- all light curves presented in the paper are available upon request.

The Compactness of Presupernova Stellar Cores

Sukhbold, T. & Woosley, S. E. (2014, ApJ)
- progenitor model sets listed below (Table 1) are available upon request:

Here note that the S-series (solar metallicity) models are already included in Sukhbold et al. (2016) data release.