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The goal of the Ohio State Bright Spiral Galaxy Survey is to create a database of deep, photometrically calibrated images of a complete magnitude limited sample of nearly 200 bright, nearby, well-resolved spirals.

The selection criteria are based on the RC3:

Survey Status:

Results & Publications:


The OSUBSGS has been a considerable effort on the part of many people, with particular help from OSU Astronomy Dept. graduate students and undergraduates who served as observers and data reduction and assistants, as well as using OSUBSGS data for their research.

Project PI:
Prof. Jay A. Frogel

Roger L. Davies (Durham, UK)
Darren DePoy (OSU)
Paul Eskridge (OSU, MSU)
Richard Pogge (OSU)
Alice Quillen (OSU, Rochester)
Kris Sellgren (OSU)
Donald Terndrup (OSU)

Service Observers:
Roberto Aviles (CTIO)
Ray Bertram (OSU, LBTPO)

Graduate Students:
Andreas Berlind (OSU, Chicago)
Bob Blum (OSU, CTIO)
Glenn Tiede (OSU, U Florida)
Leslie Kuchinski (OSU)
Solange V. Ramirez (OSU, Caltech)
Susan Kassin (OSU)
Anita Krishnamurthi (OSU, NAS)
Mark Houdasheldt (OSU, JHU)
Paul Martini (OSU, OCIW)
Andrew Stephens (OSU, Princeton/Catolica)
Babar Ali (OSU, IPAC)
Alberto Conti (OSU, Pitt)
Rosa Gonzalez (UCB, STScI)

Data Reduction Assistants:
Eric Himburg (OSU)
Gordon Baugh (OSU)
Karrie Gilbert (OSU)
Amy Stutz (OSU)

Our Sponsors:

The National Science Foundation The Ohio State University

The OSU Bright Spiral Galaxy Survey was supported by grants from National Science Foundation (AST-9217716 and AST-9617006; PI Jay Frogel), with additional funding from the Ohio State University. The OSIRIS infrared imager/spectrometer used for much of this project was funded in part by NSF grant AST-9016112, and we were granted generous allocations of time by CTIO with OSIRIS and CIRIM for this project, for which we are most grateful. Some of the CCD images for the Survey were acquired with the OSU Imaging Fabry-Perot Spectrometer (IFPS) in direct-imaging mode. The IFPS was funded in part by NSF Grants AST-8822009 and AST-9112879.

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