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Bright Spiral Galaxy Survey

Early Data Release

We announce the initial release of data from the Ohio State University Bright Spiral Galaxy Survey, a BVRJHK imaging survey of a well-defined sample of 205 bright, nearby spiral galaxies. In this Early Data Release (EDR), we are releasing the B- and H-band images that were analyzed by Eskridge et al. 2002 [astro-ph/0206320].


These data are offered as is, without detailed astrometric or photometric calibration, and with no implied offer of support or assitance in their use. You are free to use them as you wish for scientific research or education purposes, but you may not use them for commercial purposes, or in any way that restricts their use by others. You are also asked to not distribute these data in any form to anyone else. If they want them, they have to come here to get them. If you use these data in a scientific or other publication, please cite the source as noted below, and properly acknowledge the funding that supported this project. If you wish to reprint any of these images in a book or article or other publication, please request written permission (see the contact information below).

By downloading any of these data, you implicitly agree to abide by all of these provisions.

Citation of Use

If you use any of these data in a scientific paper, please cite the original paper from which they are derived:

Eskridge, P.B. et al., 2002, ApJS, 143, (in press). [astro-ph/0206320]
and please acknowledge the grant support that made the OSUBSGS possible. For example:
This work made use of data from the Ohio State University Bright Spiral Galaxy Survey, which was funded by grants AST-9217716 and AST-9617006 from the United States National Science Foundation, with additional support from the Ohio State University.
This will satisfy those who generously supported this work over the years.

Enter the EDR Data Archive

Contact Information

To answer general questions about the OSUBSGS EDR and related science issues, please contact Paul Eskridge at MSU (paul.eskridge@mnsu.edu).

For general information about the OSUBSGS, including collaboration interest, please contact the project PI, Jay Frogel (jfrogel@hq.nasa.gov).

If you have trouble accessing the data archive, please contact Richard Pogge (pogge@astronomy.ohio-state.edu)

Our Sponsors:
The National Science Foundation The Ohio State University

The OSU Bright Spiral Galaxy Survey was supported by grants from National Science Foundation (AST-9217716 and AST-9617006; PI Jay Frogel), with additional funding from the Ohio State University. The OSIRIS infrared imager/spectrometer used for much of this project was funded in part by NSF grant AST-9016112, and we were granted generous allocations of time by CTIO with OSIRIS and CIRIM for this project, for which we are most grateful. Some of the CCD images for the Survey were acquired with the OSU Imaging Fabry-Perot Spectrometer (IFPS) in direct-imaging mode. The IFPS was funded in part by NSF Grants AST-8822009 and AST-9112879.

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