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Picture of Don Terndrup I'm an Associate Professor in the Astronomy Department at The Ohio State University.   My research interests include stellar evolution, stellar populations in the Milky Way, rotation and mixing in stars, and the evolution of close binaries.  

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Teaching in Autumn 2019:

Astronomy 3350: Methods of Astronomical Observation & Data Analysis
MWF, 3:00 - 3:55 p.m., 280 Pomerene Hall

Astronomical observation techniques and quantitative analysis of astronomical data; practical experience with modern astronomical instrumentation and computer-based reduction, analysis, and interpretation of astronomical data.

Teaching in Spring 2020:

Astronomy 1221: Astronomy Data Analysis
MWF, 1:50 - 2:45 p.m., 311 Enarson Classroom Building

Overview of data analysis in astronomy. This course combines selected topics in modern astronomy with contemporary data analysis methods implemented in the Python programming language, illustrating how astronomical data leads to scientific conclusions. It is intented for students of all majors with interest in astronomy and/or data analytics. Prior experience in astronomy or programming is not required. GE nat sci physc course. NS admis cond course.

How to reach me:

snail mail: Department of Astronomy, OSU, 140 W. 18th Ave., Columbus, OH 43210 USA
E-mail: terndrup dot one at
Phone: (+1)614-292-4579
Fax: (+1)614-292-2928 


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