Microlensing Predictions

Collaborators: Professors Andrew Gould, Shude Mao, and Dr Matthew Penny

See our papers: Zhu et al. (ApJ, 2014, 788, 73), Zhu et al. (ApJ, 2014, 794, 53), Ma et al. (MNRAS, 2016, 461, 107).


Spitzer & Kepler as Microlens Parallax Satellite

A member of Spitzer Microlensing Team and KMTNet Team, in close collaboration with K2C9 Science Team, OGLE team, and the whole microlensing community

See our papers: Udalski et al. (ApJ, 2015, 799, 237), Yee et al. (ApJ, 2015, 802, 76), Calchi Novati et al. (ApJ, 2015, 804, 20), Zhu et al. (ApJ, 2015, 805, 8), etc.


Searching of Oblate Planets

Collaborators: Chelsea Huang, George Zhou, and Doug Lin

See our paper: Zhu et al. (ApJ, 2014, 796, 67).


Planet-metallicity Relation

Collaborators: Ji Wang, Chelsea Huang

See our paper: Zhu, Wang, & Huang (2016, AAS Journals submitted).


Yarkovsky Effect on Exoplanets

Collaborators: Professor Doug Lin


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