TIFKAM Configuration as of 2008 June 11

Slit/Aperture Mask Wheel

PositionSlit/Mask Name
0 Dark Plate
1 54um x 27mm Slit
2 f/7.5 Imaging Stop
3 100um x 27mm Slit
4 f/5.0 Imaging Stop
5 f/16.6 Imaging Stop

Prefilter/Grism Wheel

0 Open (no filter)
1 Dark Plate
2 PK-50 Thermal Blocker
3 2.122um 1% (H2 v=1-0 S(1) line)
4 JHK Grism
5 2.09um 1% (Continuum, use with K filter!)
6 J/K Grism
7 H Grism
8 J+H Grism

Filter Wheel

0 Open (no filter)
1 1.4um LongPass Filter
2 JHK Order Sorter
3 IJH Order Sorter
4 0.75-1.2um Order Sorter
5 Ks Band Filter (OCLI/Tokunaga Consortium)
6 J Band Filter
7 H+PK50 Filter
8 K Band Filter

Grism Modes

JHK Grism
All of J, H, and K bands in one line (including atmospheric absorption).
Use JHK Grism with the JHK Order Sorter filter
Resolution: R=750 with a 54-micron slit

J+H Grism
All of J and H bands in one line with atmospheric absorption bands between
Use with the IJH Order Sorter filter
Resolution: R=780 with 54-micron Slit

J/K Grism
All of J band or all of K band in one line
Use with the J filter or K filter to select the order
Resolution: R=1360 with 54-micron slit

H/L Grism
All of H band in one line
Use with the H filter to select the order
Resolution: R=1100 with 54-micron slit
Note: L mode not usable with the HgCdTe detector

Camera Turret

0f/5 Camera2730
1Pupil Viewer...
2f/7.5 Camera1340
3f/16.6 Camera400

Note that the optimal focus position of the cameras changes and should be checked for best performance by focussing on an image of the 54-micron slit. Focus values were measured from data acquired on 2008 June 10 by John Tobin (Michigan).

Updated: 2008 June 11 [rwp/osu]