All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae: NEWS
ASASSN-14ko was featured during the Winter 2021 AAS Meeting press conference! (January 2021)
Chris Kochanek and Kris Stanek received (virtually) their 2020 AAS Tinsley Prize. (January 2021)
Our ASAS-SN Citizen Science project is now up and running! (January 2021)
Congratulations to Tom Holoien on his 2020 Hubble Fellowship! (March 2020)
Chris Kochanek and Kris Stanek awarded the 2020 AAS Beatrice M. Tinsley Prize! (January 2020)
Chris Kochanek awarded 2020 Heineman Prize for Astrophysics! (January 2020)
OSU press release on a likely ``mass gap'' black hole paper. (October 2019)
OSU and NASA press releases about our TDE ASASSN-19bt paper. (September 2019)
Ohio State University press release about our ASASSN-18tb paper (July 2019).
A big milestone for ASAS-SN: 1,000 supernovae discovered! (June 2019)
Our discoveries, ASASSN-14li and ASASSN-18ey, are in the news (January 2019).
Extreme heartbeat star characterized using ASAS-SN and TESS (January 2019).
Our Kepler-field supernova ASASSN-18bt is in the news! (November 2018).
New ASAS-SN telescope, named Tian Shan, has been deployed in China! (November 2018).
Our ASAS-SN Sky Patrol now serves both V-band and g-band light curves (September 2018).
We have added 300,000+ light curves to ASAS-SN Variable Stars Database (September 2018).
With 150 bright SNe discovered in 2018 so far, we are doubling our SN discovery rate (June 2018).
ASAS-SN was awarded a grant from OSU Women & Philanthropy to support our research (May 2018).
ASASSN-18fv: Very bright and mysterious transient near the Carina Nebula (March 2018).
ASASSN-18ey: Exciting Galactic Transient Discovered by ASAS-SN (March 2018).
ASASSN-18bt: Bright Supernova Discovered in the Kepler Field! (February 2018).
ASAS-SN Variable Stars Database is now public (57,000+ bright variables, more coming) (January 2018).
Yet another new telescope, Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, now deployed in South Africa! (November 2017).
Another new ASAS-SN telescope, Henrietta Leavitt, now deployed in Texas! (September 2017).
A new ASAS-SN telescope, Bohdan PaczyƄski, was deployed in Chile! (September 2017).
Comet ASASSN, our first comet discovery! (July 2017).
ASASSN-17ie, our 500th SN! (June 2017).
All-sky, real-time ASAS-SN Sky Patrol is now public! (June 2017).
ASAS-SN is supported by a 5-year grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation! (January 2017).
Press materials for ASASSN-15lh, the most powerful supernova ever discovered! (January 2016).
It was raining supernovae: dramatic finish to a great year! (December 2015).
See NASA and Chandra press releases on our TDE ASASSN-14li (October 2015).
ASAS-SN results presented at the AAS press conference (January 2015).
See our TDE ASASSN-14ae press release (October 2014).

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