OSMOS Commissioning

April 2010

OSMOS mounted to the 2.4m Hiltner Telescope at the MDM Observatory in April 2010. The red box to the left contains the controller for the 4K CCD and the black box to the right contains the instrument electronics. The two small doors are access panels for the slit wheel (top) and filter wheels (bottom).

Spectrum of the z=6.43 QSO (z=20 mag AB) discovered by Fan et al. (2003) with the triple prism and a 0.9 arcsecond slit. The total exposure time was 40 minutes.

Three color image of M51 courtesy of Rebecca Stoll.

Three color image of M81 courtesy of Rebecca Stoll.

Narrowband H-alpha image of NGC 4625, which has an extended UV disk. The total exposure time was one hour.

OSMOS Commissioning Team in April 2010. From left to right are Ross Zhelem, Paul Martini, Mark Derwent, and Rebecca Stoll.