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Paul Martini
Professor of Astronomy
The Ohio State University

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Paul's Academic Genealogy


Ph.D. Year

Ph.D. Advisor

Ph.D. Institution

Paul Martini2000Darren DePoyOhio State University
Darren DePoy1987Eric BecklinUniversity of Hawaii
Eric Becklin1968Gerry NeugebauerCaltech
Gerry Neugebauer1960Robert Lee WalkerCaltech
Robert Lee Walker1948Boyce McDanielCornell
Boyce McDaniel1943Robert BacherCornell
Robert Bacher1930Samuel GoudsmitMichigan
Samuel Goudsmit1927Paul EhrenfestUniveriteit Leiden
Paul Ehrenfest1904Ludwig BoltzmannUniversität Wien
Ludwig Boltzmann1866Josef StefanUniversität Wien
Josef Stefan1858Andreas von EttingshausenUniversität Wien
Andreas von Ettingshausen1817Ignaz LindnerUniversität Wien
Ignaz Lindner??Universität Wien

Paul's Academic Progeny


Ph.D. Year

Thesis Title

David Atlee2011The Co-Evolution of Galaxies and Black Holes in Clusters of Galaxies
Linda Watson2011Star Formation at the End of the Hubble Sequence
Dale Mudd2017Understanding Supermassive Black Holes Using the Dark Energy Survey and OzDES
Suk Sien Tie2020Lyman-alpha forest cosmology with the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument

Last updated: 2 September 2021