Infrared Imaging of the 30 Dor Region

DePoy, D.L., Stephens, A., Martini, P., Harper, D.A., Lowenstein, R.F., Marks, R., Gatley, I., Fowler, A., and Sharp, N. to appear in "New Views of the Magellanic Clouds", IAU Symposium 190, July 1998

We have obtained infrared images of a 10' by 40' region from 30 Dor south to N159. There are JHK images taken from the CTIO 1.5m telescope and L (3.5 micron) taken from the South Pole Infrared Explorer 0.6m telescope. All the images reach a limiting sensitivity > 13 mag. The images allow us to identify many objects with infrared excesses, which are plausibly high mass pre-main sequence objects, and all Carbon stars and supergiants. The distribution of these sources may trace the star formation history of the 30 Dor complex.

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