A Deep, Visible-Infrared Galaxy Survey

Martini, P., DePoy, D.L., and Osmer, P.S. 1999, BAAS, 195, 0908

We present preliminary results from a near-infrared, J,H, and K survey of faint galaxies. We are using this survey, in conjunction with previous visible-wavelength imaging through U, B, V, R, I75, and I86 filters, to construct a K-band selected sample for testing models of galaxy formation and evolution. A K-selected sample has fewer selection biases relative to visible-wavelength surveys of galaxies due to the significantly smaller k-corrections in the near-infrared. Near-infrared light is also a better tracer of the underlying mass of the galaxy and is less likely to be affected by recent star formation. With this sample we are estimating photometric redshifts, investigating the history of star formation at z < 1, and testing galaxy formation and merger scenarios. This visible and near-infrared sample will also be useful for understanding and quantifying the systematic uncertainties present in visible-wavelength selected samples.

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