The MDM/Ohio State/ALADDIN Infrared Camera (MOSAIC)

Pogge, R.W., Depoy, D.L., Atwood, B., O'Brien, T.P., Byard, P., Martini, P., Stephens, A., Gatley, I., Merrill, M., Vrba, F.J., and Henden, A.A. 1998, Proceedings of the SPIE, 3354, 414.

The MDM/Ohio State/ALADDIN Infrared Camera (MOSAIC) is a general purpose near infrared (0.9 - 2.5 micron) imaging camera and medium-resolution (R=1300) long-slit spectrometer in use on the MDM 1.3-m and 2.4-m telescopes and the Kitt Peak 2.1-m and 4-m telescopes. In cooperation with NOAO and USNO, MOSAIC is one of the first general-purpose near-IR instruments available to the astronomical community that uses a first-generation 1024x512 ALADDIN InSb array, with the capability to use a full 1024x1024 array once one becomes available. MOSAIC provides two imaging plate scales (narrow- and wide-field), and a variety of long-slit grism spectroscopic modes. This paper describes the general instrument design and capabilities, and presents represetative scientific results.

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