Circumnuclear Dust in the CfA Seyfert 2s

Martini, P. and Pogge, R.W. 1998, BAAS, 193, 6.17

We present WFPC2 and NICMOS imaging of the Seyfert 1.8, 1.9, and 2 nuclei in the volume-limited CfA sample. Direct flux and V-H (F606W-F160W) color maps of these galaxies reveal a wealth of dust structures at 100 milliarcsecond resolution, corresponding to spatial scales of 2-57 pc. These structures include dust lanes that spiral into the nucleus, nuclei crossed and obscured by host galaxy dust lanes, and galaxies with offsets between the IR and visible "nuclei." The diversity of features, particularly with regard to the quantity and distribution of circumnuclear dust, has implications for understanding the fueling mechanism for AGNs and the role of the immediate host galaxy environment in the context of Unified AGN Models.

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