Gerald H. Newsom Professor Emeritus of Astronomy 2004 - present

B.A., University of Michigan
M.S., Ph.D., Harvard University

My research interests have been primarily in laboratory spectroscopy, especially in the phenomena of autoionization and inner-shell excitation, and in the unusual binary SS 433. I have been particularly interested in the 6-day variation of SS 433 that appears in the radial-velocity data. In the years before I retired, however, I had little time for research, serving as an Acting Assistant Dean, Acting Chair, and Vice Chair of the Department of Astronomy. In retirement, I studied the navigation that Richard Byrd used on his claimed 1926 flight to the North Pole, and I have also been active in the OSU Retirees Association.

Some Refereed Publications:

Newsom, G. H. 2013. Byrd’s Arctic flight in the context of model atmospheres. Polar Record, 49:62-71.

Collins, G. W., II, and Newsom, G. H. 1988. Transient and Secular Variations of the Moving-Line Spectra from SS 433. Astrophysical Journal 331:486-493.

Newsom, G. H., and Collins, G. W., II. 1986. Period and Cone-Angle Changes in SS 433. Astronomical Journal 91:118-124.

Pitts, R. E. and Newsom, G. H. 1986. Shock Tube Measurements of Y I and Y II Oscillator Strengths. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 35:383-399.

Collins, G. W., II, and Newsom, G. H. 1986. A Dynamical Model for SS 433. Astrophysical Journal 308:144-151.

Newsom, G. H. and Collins, G. W., II. 1981. Short-Period Variations in the Moving Line Spectrum of SS 433. Astronomical Journal 86:1250-1258.

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