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Artist's depiction of Exoplanetary system, SSC Astronomy 141:
Life in the Universe
Prof. Richard Pogge, MTWThF 12:30

A Note About Graphics used in Lecture

Under the "Fair Use" guidelines governing inclusion of copyrighted material in lectures, I am permitted to show a wide variety of images in class, including images and drawings from the textbook, slides, video clips, etc. Fair Use, however, does not extend to making these same graphics available on the Internet via the Web pages for this course. As such, many of the graphics (especially photographic materials) presented in lectures may not be available with the lecture notes in the course web pages.

Graphics are only included in these pages if they are ones I have created myself, public domain images (most NASA, STScI, and astronomical images from research observatories), or if I have received permission to include these images in these pages from the holder of the copyright. All images used are cited as to the source. See the Copyrights Statement for further details.

Because of copyright restrictions, I have edited the versions of the notes converted to PDF for these webpages to remove any proprietary graphics. A few may have slipped through my editing. When a missing graphics are available in your textbook, a reference to the figure and page is provided in lieu of the graphic itself (I have permission to show the graphics in class, but the publisher does not extend the right to include them in online materials).

My personal copyright also extends to any animations I have created for use in class.

A number of the stills and animations of night-sky and space scenes that I have presented in lecture and on the web pages were composed on my PC using Starry Night Pro by Sienna Software, Inc.. I normally don't endorse software, but here I'll make an exception: Starry Night is totally cool. It is a lovely piece of software. A reduced-capability student edition of Starry Night comes with the CD-ROM in the back of your textbook. Give it a try!

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Updated: 2009 September 21
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