Classroom Clickers

Classroom Clickers (aka "Student Response Systems") are a new technology that allows for real-time interactions in class. For Astronomy 161, I will using the clickers as a way to create a more active learning environment and break out of the traditionally passive "professor just talks and students just listen" mode that prevails in such large classes. This also gives me a way to take attendance efficiently, so I can give proper credit to those who attend regularly and participate in class.

TurningPoint ResponseCard RF clicker

Ohio State has officially adopted the TurningPoint® ResponseCard® clickers made by Turning Technologies, LLC as the standard clicker for all OSU classes. This is the clicker we will be using this quarter in Astronomy 161.

All students in this section of Astronomy 161 are required to have a clicker and bring it to class every day. Clickers are available for purchase at the OSU Bookstore. If you already own a TurningPoint clicker for another class at OSU, it will work with this class (though you may want to buy new batteries). Also, if you buy a TurningPoint clicker for this class, it will work for all of your classes that use them now and in the future.

Each clicker device has a 6-digit ID code that is transmitted with your answers. Because each clicker ID must be assigned to a single person, you cannot share clickers.

You must register your clicker. Unregistered clickers will not be recognized by the system and your answers will not be recorded.
You need to make sure your clicker is registered before the end of the second week of class.
Register your Clicker ID

Setup your Clicker

How to use the clicker in class (Coming Soon)