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Saturn from Cassini Astronomy 161:
An Introduction to Solar System Astronomy
Prof. Richard Pogge, MTWThF 2:30

Unit 1: Introduction to Astronomy

The Earth from Space [NASA]

Astronomy is the oldest of the sciences, and at the heart of all sciences are the practices of observation and measurement. In this unit we will introduce the course, discuss astronomical numbers, the basis of all measurements in astronomy, and begin our exploration of the night sky.


An Introduction to Astronomy (Sept 19)

Astronomical Numbers (Sept 20)

The Starry Night (Sept 21)
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Also, see A Note about Graphics to learn why some of the graphics shown in the lectures are not reproduced with these notes.

Students wishing to explore some of these topics beyond the lecture and textbook using the Internet might want to look at the relevant Selected Astronomical Internet Links for this unit.

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