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Saturn from Cassini Astronomy 161:
An Introduction to Solar System Astronomy
Prof. Richard Pogge, MTWThF 2:30pm

The Final Examination

The Final Examination will be Thursday, December 6 from 11:30am-1:18pm in McPherson 1000.

The final exam will be comprehensive, covering all lectures and assigned readings. It will be in the same format as the in-class exams, but will be twice as long (100 questions). The final will be worth 30% of your course grade.

Attendance for the Final Exam is mandatory, and no makeup final will be offered. If you should miss the final exam, you will automatically receive a grade of incomplete (I), to be be made up by a written exam during Winter Quarter 2008.

In keeping with new University policy, no early "senior" final exams are given: graduating seniors must take the final exam with the rest of the class.

More information will be posted as the quarter gets further along.

How to Study for the Final

Since the final is comprehensive, and this course covers a lot of material, one question is how to study for it? Good question...

Here's my answer:

How To Study for the Final

Study Guides

There is a Study Guide covering the last 8 lectures of the class. This, together with the study guides for the 4 in-class quizzes, you will give you a complete study guide for the Final Exam.

Getting Your Final Exam Scores & Grades

In a class of this size, individual email requests are too difficult to process efficiently, as we must be very careful to observe all of the many privacy safeguards mandated by federal law under FERPA. In short, we do not have the human resources needed to respond to individual email requests - it simply takes too much of our time (approximately 15 minutes per request). As such, we cannot respond to email requests for grades or other grade information. We apologize for the inconvience.

Good Luck!

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