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Galaxy NGC4414 from HST Astronomy 162:
Introduction to Stars, Galaxies, & the Universe
Prof. Richard Pogge, MTWThF 9:30

Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night
Vincent van Gogh The Starry Night (1889)
The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Unit 2: ``The Starry Dynamo''
The Structure & Evolution of Stars

In our study of the observed properties of stars, we learned about a number of interesting relations that exist between a star's Luminosity, Temperature, Radius, and Mass that require an explanation. In particular, why does the H-R diagram look the way it does? The answer to this will be one of the keys to unlocking the secrets of the inner workings of stars.

We will begin with a discussion of the physics that governs stellar structure, and the means by which stars generate energy to make up for the energy they lose by shining. We will then turn to a discussion of the evolution of stars from their formation to just up to their final days. The discussion of stellar endpoints will form the topic of the next unit of this course.


The Internal Structure of Stars (Jan 18)

As Long as the Sun Shines (Jan 19)

In-Class Quiz 1: Jan 20 (in class)

Energy Generation & Transport in Stars (Jan 23)

Star Formation (Jan 24)

The Main Sequence (Jan 25)

The Evolution of Low-Mass Stars (Jan 26)

The Evolution of High-Mass Stars (Jan 27)
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Associated Readings in Universe:

The book's treatment of the material from this Unit is spread across Chapters 21-24, with some topics barely covered and others embedded in other sections (for example, a discussion of main sequence stars is buried in a section of the chapter on star formation!). For Unit 2, I will be adopting what I believe to be a more straightforward path through this fascinating subject. See the individual lectures above for specific readings, but expect to be reading only specific sections as supplemental background reading, or skipping the book altogether for some lectures.

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