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Galaxy NGC4414 from HST Astronomy 162:
Introduction to Stars, Galaxies, & the Universe
Prof. Richard Pogge

Galaxy Image Gallery

All of the galaxy images on this page are are Copyright © Anglo-Australian Observatory, All Rights Reserved, and appear on this web page with the permission of the AAO. Special thanks to Coral Cooksley and David Malin at the AAO for permission to include these images on our class web pages. Except as noted, all galaxy images are from the AAO.

For more images of galaxies and other objects, also visit the Ohio State Image Gallery.

Ordinary Spiral Galaxies

NGC 2997: Sc Galaxy

NGC 2997

NGC 4321 (M100): Sc Galaxy

NGC 4321

NGC 891: Edge-on Sb Galaxy

NGC 891

Barred Spiral Galaxies

NGC 3351: SBb Galaxy

NGC 3351

M83: SBc Galaxy


NGC 1365: SBc Galaxy

NGC 1365

NGC 1300: SBc Galaxy

NGC 1300

Elliptical Galaxies

M87: Giant Elliptical


NGC 147: Dwarf Ellipitcal

Digitized Sky Survey Image

Leo I: Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy

Leo I

Irregular Galaxies

Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC)


Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC)

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Updated: 2006 February 11

Text is Copyright Richard W. Pogge, All Rights Reserved.

Images are all Copyright Anglo-Australian Observatory, All Rights Reserved, except for the image of NGC 147, which is from the Digitized Sky Survey.