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Galaxy NGC4414 from HST Astronomy 162:
Introduction to Stars, Galaxies, & the Universe
Prof. Richard Pogge, MTWThF 9:30


This document lists sources consulted during preparation of the lectures, sources of images and graphics (expanding the shorthands used in some captions), and any other references. If I have missed something or made an error, please help me to correct this list.

Note that the references are being compiled as the quarter progresses.


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... To Be Continued...


The Space Telescope Science Institute oversees the operations of the Hubble Space Telescope. STScI is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc. (AURA), under NASA contract NAS5-26555. See STScI's conditions of use page for the full details.

The National Optical Astronomy Observatories run Kitt Peak, Cerro Tololo, and the National Solar Observatory, as well as the U.S. Gemini Project office. NOAO is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA), Inc. under cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation.

Anglo-Australian Observatory
Permission has been granted to include low-resolution digital copies of astronomical images obtained by astronomers at the Anglo-Australian Observatory. Please note the copyrights associated with each of these images, and respect the copyright terms under which I am allowed to bring these images to you. Special Thanks to Coral Cooksley at the AAO for permission to post these images.

... To Be Continued...

The Quotes

I get asked this a lot: below are the sources of the quotes used for the titles of each of the main lecture units of this course:
"The Stars in Their Courses"
Old Testament, Judges 5:20

"The Starry Dynamo" and "The Machinery of Night"
Allen Ginsberg, from the opening lines of Howl, 1956.

"Death & Transfiguration"
Richard Strauss, title of a symphonic tone poem (Original German: Tod und Verklarung)

"Island Universes"
Alexander von Humboldt, Kosmos, 1845.

"The Great Ocean of Truth"
Isaac Newton, from the famous "seashell" quote, cited in Brewster, Memoirs of Newton, 1855, vol II, Ch. 27

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