Physics of The Interstellar Medium


Astronomy 871 - Spring Quarter 2011

Prof. Richard Pogge

The links below will lead to electronic versions of class handouts, lecture notes, the problem sets and associated data files. Most documents are in Adobe PDF format and will require the Acrobat reader to view.


Syllabus [24k pdf]


Barbara Ryden and I have combined our ISM and IGM notes into a graduate-level ISM/IGM eBook:

Interstellar and Intergalactic Medium
This book is currently available as an Apple iBook (for Mac and iPad), developed with support from the OSU Book Launch initiative, as well as a PDF readable with the GooglePlay app. A Kindle version is in the works, pending approval from OSU.

The ISM/IGM book is the first volume in a projected multi-book Ohio State Graduate Astrophysics Series of inexpensive eBooks of OSU's core graduate courses.

Lecture Notes

Detailed lecture notes are provided in lieu of a particular textbook for this course. The are provided below in PDF format, by course "unit". These notes were one of the foundations of the ISM/IGM eBook, and do not include the Intergalactic Medium chapters added when this course was converted from quarters to semesters in 2013.

Please read the Notes on the Notes before downloading any of them, just so you know what their provenance is.

Foreword [12k pdf]

Introduction & General ISM [1.4M pdf]

Neutral Hydrogen (HI) Regions [388k pdf]

Ionized Hydrogen (HII) Regions [439k pdf]

Interstellar Dust [523k pdf]

Interstellar Molecules [472k pdf]

The Hot ISM [141k pdf]

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