Astronomy Courses

Below is a collection of links to online astronomy lecture notes and other course content for undergraduate and graduate courses I have taught at Ohio State. Links are only provided for the most recent instance of a course (many courses have been taught multiple times). More recent courses (starting in 2014) have made extensive use of the OSU Carmen learning management system, and do not have public course content.

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Undergraduate Courses

Astronomy 141/1141: Life in the Universe
Autumn Quarter 2012 (last version with public notes)
iTunes U version
Note: Ast141 was renumbered Ast1141 during semester conversion in Autumn 2013.

Astronomy 161: Introduction to Solar System Astronomy
Autumn Quarter 2007
Autumn Quarter 2006

Astronomy 162: Stars, Galaxies, & the Universe
Winter Quarter 2006

Astronomy 350: Methods of Observational Astronomy
Autumn Quarter 2002

Graduate Courses

Astronomy 830: Observed Properties of Stars & Galaxies
Autumn Quarter 2004

Astronomy 871: Physics of the Interstellar Medium
Spring Quarter 2011

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