Curriculum Vitae for KRISTEN SELLGREN

Astronomy Department, Ohio State University, 140 West 18th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210, USA

E-mail (Internet): sellgren AT
Phone: (614) 292-1898
FAX: (614) 292-2928

Citizenship: USA

1976 B. A. (Physics), University of California, San Diego
1983 Ph.D. (Physics), California Institute of Technology

Thesis: "Near Infrared Studies of Reflection Nebulae"
Advisors: B. T. Soifer and G. Neugebauer, Caltech

Appointments Held:
2011 October - present: Emerita Professor, OSU Astronomy Dept.
2000 October - 2011 September: Full Professor, OSU Astronomy Dept.
2000 February - March: Cox Visiting Professor, Univ. Texas at Austin
1994 October - 2000 Sept.: Associate Professor, OSU Astronomy Dept.
1990 July - 1994 September: Assistant Professor, OSU Astronomy Dept.
1989 July - 1990 June: Associate Astronomer, Inst. for Astronomy, Univ. Hawaii
1984 May - 1989 July: Assistant Astronomer, Inst. for Astronomy, Univ. Hawaii
1983 May - 1984 May: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Space Tel. Science Inst.
1976 Sept - 1983 May: Graduate Research Assistant, California Inst. of Technology
1976 June - 1976 Sept: Summer Research Fellow, Arecibo Observatory

Honors and Awards:
National Merit Scholar, 1973
UC Regents Fellowship, UCSD, 1973
Newton Lacy Pierce Prize in Astronomy, 1990
Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow, 1991-1993
AAAS Fellow, 2011

Memberships in Professional Societies:
American Astronomical Society
International Astronomical Union

Professional Service (National/International):
IRAS Proposal Review Panel, 1988
Scientific Organizing Committee, 4th International Workshop of Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte, Dusty Objects in the Universe, 1989
IUE Peer Review Panel, 1990
AAS Publications Board, 1990-1996
AAS Ad Hoc Committee to Study the Future of Summer Meetings, 1991
NSF Visiting Professorships for Women Review Panel, 1993
Scientific Organizing Committee, The First Symposium on the Infrared Cirrus and Diffuse Interstellar Clouds, 1993
NOAO Users' Committee, 1994-1997
Scientific Organizing Committee, Physics of Dense Stellar Systems, 1995 Aspen Summer Astrophysics Workshop
AAS Committee on Employment, 1997-2000
NASA ADP Review Panel, 1997
WIRE Time Allocation Committee, 1997
NSF Galactic Astronomy Review Panel, 1997
Scientific Organizing Committee, The Central Parsecs: Galactic Center Workshop, 1998
AURA Observatories Visiting Committee, 1998-2002
Assessor, Gemini community proposals for NIRSPEC time on the Keck telescope, 2000-2001
NASA Space Science Advisory Committee, 2001-2003
Scientific Organizing Committee, Galactic Center Workshop, 2002
SOFIA Science Council, 2003-2006
Scientific Organizing Committee, Astrophysics of Dust, 2003
Participant, US Future Gemini Instrumentation Meeting, Tempe, 2003
Participant, International Future Gemini Instrumentation Meeting, Aspen, 2003
Search Committee, U.S. NGSC Deputy Director, 2003
Participant, Third O/IR Instrumentation Workshop, Scottsdale, 2006
AAS Warner/Pierce Prize Committee, 2006-2008
NSF Galactic Astronomy Review Panel, 2007
NSF Galactic Astronomy Review Panel, 2008
Gemini Staff Time Allocation Committee, 2009-2012
AAS Working Group on LGBTIQ Equality, 2011-2012
NASA IRTF Time Allocation Committee, 2011-2014
NASA ADAP Review Panel, 2014
SOFIA Observatory Time Allocation Committee, 2015
SOFIA Observatory Time Allocation Committee, 2016

Students Advised:
Martina T. McGinn, "The Mass Distribution in the Galactic Center," Ph.D. 1988,
University of Hawaii
Robert D. Blum, "The Stellar Population at the Galactic Center and The Mass Distribution in the Inner
Galaxy," Ph.D. 1995, OSU
Solange V. Ramirez, "Stellar Abundances in the Inner Bulge and Galactic Center," Ph.D. 2000, OSU

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