Eowyn, the Best Cat in the Universe

1978 - 1997

Eowyn was born in San Diego, California, in August 1978, to Tribble, owner of Marian Sellgren. Eowyn, like her mother, was a tortoiseshell, mostly domestic shorthair with a trace of Siamese. Eowyn was very talkative, friendly to strangers, and was well-known for bravery at a young age, having defeated in battle both a small dog and a miniature goat. Eowyn, as a kitten, became the owner of Kris Sellgren, one of the offspring of her mother's human.

Eowyn and Kris lived in a variety of places. Pasadena was terrific; lots of birds, lizards, mice, and even the occasional rat to bring home for Kris. Baltimore wasn't much fun; there were five nasty dogs for a while, then after Kris rescued Eowyn from the dogs there was still a year of living cooped up in a Baltimore apartment. Honolulu didn't look much more promising, as Eowyn had to spend four months in quarantine, but after that life in a tropical paradise was quite appealing. There was always a sunny patch to lie in, with a choice of dirt to roll in or grass to munch on. Kris's house was easy to break out of, too--just rip the window screen and jiggle a few panes out of the louvered windows.

Eowyn spent the last seven years of her life in Columbus, Ohio, where she was retired from most cat work but still kept up her purring, sleeping in laps, and looking cute. Eowyn's favorite treat was to drink water from the bathtub tap after waking from a nap on her beloved green blanket.

Eowyn died of natural causes on May 24, 1997, at the age of 18. She was the best cat in the universe. She will be loved and missed forever.

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