May 13.5, 2013 - present

Evenstar was (probably) born near Columbus, Ohio. Her first humans callously abandoned her at the Cat Welfare Association, perhaps because she was pregnant. A month later -- in October 2014 -- she acquired new humans: Kris and David. The shelter thought she was 1-2 years old, so we have proclaimed her birthday as May 13.5, 2013.

She loves to play, especially Lurk Somewhere And Then Attack, Run Through The Cat Tunnel, Chase the Tarantula (spider attachment on Da Bird), and Chase the Zen Mousie (Da Bird, no attachment at all). It really should be Zen Tarantula, but we call it Zen Mousie in honor of Merry (1997-2014), who loved Da Bird with and without a furry mouse-like attachment.

Evenstar was very very happy to find a new home. She excels at looking cute.

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