The Year of Weird Hair (1999-2000)

Kris's natural color. Boooorrrring....

Kris tries a little home bleaching. Less boring, still too terrestrial.

Kris as a redhead (done professionally). Getting more interesting, but still awfully human-looking.

Kris bleaches the red hair. Result: peach. Not so human.

Kris adds some raspberry coloring to the peach. Result: orange. Even less human.

Kris celebrates winter solstice by dying her hair turquoise. Quite a popular color on other planets, she's told.

Kris gives in to peer pressure and goes for black -- or is it navy blue? Try it yourself and see (brand = Feria; color = Starry Night). Basically human again... but with a twist.

Being human was just too much of a strain. Let's go for purple!

Kris gets lazy and goes for peroxide blonde.

What color will Kris's hair be next? Wait and see!

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Revised: 2000 October 20 (ks)