I am a Hubble fellow in the Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics and Department of Astronomy at The Ohio State University. In general, I am interested in theoretical and computational astrophysics, with an emphasis on massive stars and supernovae. Here is my current CV and list of publications (arXiv).

My work explores the advanced stages of evolution in massive stars, and their explosive/implosive final outcomes, including nucleosynthesis, compact remnants, and transients. I am also broadly interested in better understanding their feedback in stellar populations, star formation, and galaxy evolution.

Beside research work, I am passionate about data visualization and science outreach. I am a native of Mongolia.
office: McPherson, #4014
e-mail: tuguldur [dot] s [at] gmail [dot] com
mail: 140 W 18th Ave #4055, Columbus, Ohio, 43210
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