Personal Information

I was born and raised in Lakeside, a small suburb on the outskirts of San Diego, California. After finishing high school there I attended Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, and completed my Bachelor's degree in June of 1997 with majors in physics and philosophy. I was accepted to the University of Arizona for graduate work in the Department of Physics and finished my Ph.D. in theoretical astrophysics in 2002 with professor Adam Burrows.

I was awarded a Hubble Postdoctoral fellowship, which I took to the Astronomy Department at the University of California, Berkeley. I was hosted by the The Theoretical Astrophysics Center and professors Jon Arons and Eliot Quataert. I then spent two years as a Lyman Spitzer postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton University before joining the Department of Astronomy at The Ohio State University.

I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, playing a little piano, and swimming.

My research can roughly be divided into a few loose categories: (1) Core-collapse supernovae, the birth of neutron stars, the origin of the heavy elements, gamma ray bursts, stellar and relativistic winds, and magnetars; (2) the physics, structure, and feedback processes of starburst galaxies and active galactic nuclei; and (3) few-body dynamics of stars and their compact objects.

My CV is here. My publications are listed here. Some information on my current and past teaching can be found here.

Some Pictures:

Action photo!: The picture of me at the right was taken on the Iveragh Penninsula outside of Kilarny in south-west Ireland.

The Bay Area : Here is a magnificent view from the Lawrence Hall of Science above UC Berkeley.