Steven Villanueva Jr.

Publications CV
Graduate Student 2012 - present

David G. Price Instrumentation Fellow - present

NSF Graduate Research Fellow 2014 - 2017

M.S. Astronomy, The Ohio State University, 2016

B.S. Physics, Texas A&M University, 2012

I'm a United States Air Force Veteran, PhD candidate at The Ohio State University, National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, and the David G. Price Instrumentation Fellow.

I'm interested in the discovery and characterization of exoplanets, primarily through ground-based transits, and instrumentation. I've contributed 140+ planetary candidate light curves to the KELT Collaboration, and 40+ light curves of supernovae and transients to the ASAS-SN group. All of this was done using the robotic DEMONEXT telescope that I built as a graduate student in 2016.

I'm also actively involved in outreach, the Society for the Advancement of Chicano/Hispanic and Native American Scientists (SACNAS), National Society of Hispanic Physicists (NSHP), and increasing diversity and minority participation in science.

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