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Journal Articles

You can find a list and description of my most highly cited publications here.

For a list of all my publications, the internet is now more reliable than I am. You can get a NASA ADS listing of all of my refereed publications here.

The papers that have been submitted but not yet published should come up in this search of the last year's arXiv preprints.

Conference Proceedings

I usually write conference proceedings only if I think I can say something usefully different from my journal articles, perhaps by integrating results from several different papers, or perhaps by taking a more opinionated or amusing stance, or sometimes by presenting results that won't appear in journals for some time. If you're interested in but new to one of the topics that I have worked on, then it may be easier to start with one of the conference articles rather than the journal articles.

  • Dark Energy: The Observational Challenge
    Weinberg, D. H. 2005, in Wide Field Imaging From Space , ed. T. McKay, A. Fruchter, \& E. Linder,, 337-345
    astro-ph/0510196, ADS Abstract

  • The Lyman-alpha Forest As A Cosmological Tool
    Weinberg, D. H., Dav\'e, R., Katz, N., & Kollmeier, J. A. 2003, in The Emergence of Cosmic Structure , ed. S. Holt \& C. Reynolds, 157
    astro-ph/0301186, ADS Abstract

  • Studying Structure Formation with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
    Weinberg, D. H. 2002, in A New Era In Cosmology , ed. N. Metcalfe \& T. Shanks, San Francisco, 3

  • Cosmology with the Lyman-alpha Forest
    Weinberg, D. H., Burles, S., Croft, R. A. C., Dav\'e, R., Gomez, G., Hernquist, L., Katz, N., Kirkman, D., Liu, S., Miralda-Escud\'e, J., Pettini, M., Phillips, J., Tytler, D., Wright, J. 1999, in Evolution of Large Scale Structure: From Recombination to Garching , ed. A.J. Banday, R. K. Sheth, \& L. N. Da Costa, Enschede, Netherlands, 346
    astro-ph/9810142, ADS Abstract

  • Theoretical Modeling of the High Redshift Galaxy Population
    Weinberg, D. H., Dav\'e, R., Gardner, J. P., Hernquist, L., Katz, N. 1999, in Photometric Redshifts and High Redshift Galaxies , ed. R. Weymann, L. Storrie-Lombardi, M. Sawicki, \& R. Brunner, San Francisco, 341

  • Simulating Cosmic Structure Formation
    Weinberg, D. H., Katz, N., Hernquist, L. 1998, in Origins , ed. J. M. Shull, C. E. Woodward, \& H. Thronson, San Francisco, 21
    astro-ph/9708213, ADS Abstract

  • Hubble Flow Broadening of the Lyman-alpha Forest and its Implications
    Weinberg, D. H., Hernquist, L., Katz, N., Croft, R. A. C., Miralda-Escud\'e, J. 1997, in Proceedings of the 13th IAP Colloquium, Structure and Evolution of the Intergalactic Medium from QSO Absorption Line Systems , ed. P. Petitjean \& S. Charlot, Paris, 133
    astro-ph/9709303, ADS Abstract

  • Galaxy Structure, Dark Matter, and Galaxy Formation
    Weinberg, D. H. 1996, in Dark and Visible Matter in Galaxies , ed. M. Persic \& P. Salucci , San Francisco, 578
    astro-ph/9610003, ADS Abstract

  • Small Scale Structure and High Redshift HI
    Weinberg, D. H., Hernquist , L., Katz, N., Miralda-Escud\'e, J. 1996, in Cold Gas at High Redshift , ed. M. Bremer, H. Rottgering, C. Carilli, \& P. van de Werf, Dordrecht, 93

  • The Sloan Digital Sky Survey
    Gunn , J. E., Weinberg, D. H. 1995, in Wide Field Spectroscopy and the Distant Universe , ed. S. J. Maddox \& A. Arag\'on-Salamanca, Singapore, 3

  • Studying Structure Formation with Large Galaxy Redshift Surveys
    Weinberg, D. H. 1995, in Wide Field Spectroscopy and the Distant Universe , ed. S. J. Maddox \& A. Arag\'on-Salamanca, Singapore, 129

  • Galaxy Formation: The Board Game
    Weinberg, D. H., & Weinberg, L. F. 1989, in The Epoch of Galaxy Formation , ed. C. S. Frenk et al., Dordrecht, 439

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