Jerusalem Winter School Lectures 1997/98

From this page, you can get postscript copies of the text overhead transparencies that I used in my lectures for the Jerusalem Winter School on Galaxy Formation, held in December/January 1997/98.

I gave four 1.5-hour lectures, on the topic of Numerical Simulations of Galaxy Formation and the Intergalactic Medium. Each lecture has a separate postscript file.

Unfortunately, the notes are probably not much use if you didn't hear the lectures in the first place, because I showed a zillion figure overheads that I don't have the energy to put into WWW format. I am providing them mainly for the benefit of those who attended the Winter School.

The list of readings that I recommended to accompany my lectures can be found here.
For the lecture notes, click below.
lecture 1
lecture 2
lecture 3
lecture 4

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