SDSS Technical Publication List

As noted in the publication policy, all SDSS papers should reference the appropriate technical publications. This sentence is interpreted fairly strictly, so if you don't reference all of the appropriate technical papers you can expect a reminder from your friendly local Scientific Publications Coordinator.

The CoCo has agreed that only technical papers that have been written and submitted are required to be referenced. You are of course welcome and encouraged to reference the appropriate "in preparation" technical papers, but they will not be listed here.

The list of technical papers is expected to grow rapidly in the next few months. I will try to keep this page up to date, and you should always consult it before posting an SDSS manuscript to the publication index.

Any SDSS publication should reference

If you are dealing with objects anywhere near the survey limit, you will certainly need to mention the use of asinh magnitudes and reference If you are dealing with the spectroscopic sample and the tiling procedure is at all important to your analysis, you should reference

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Updated: 2001, June 1[dhw]