Figures for SDSS-III Press Release

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The four surveys that comprise SDSS-III are BOSS, SEGUE-2, APOGEE, and MARVELS.

(Top) An SDSS map of the distribution of luminous galaxies, with a bullseye showing the characteristic scale imprinted by sound waves in the early universe. With three-dimensional maps of 1.5 million luminous galaxies and of absorbing gas towards 160,000 distant quasars, BOSS will measure this scale with high precision, yielding new insights into the nature of dark matter and the geometry of space. (Credit: SDSS)

(Middle) A theoretical model of a galaxy like the Milky Way, showing trails of stars torn from disrupted satellite galaxies that have merged with the central galaxy. SEGUE-2 and APOGEE will measure motions and chemical compositions of half a million stars across the Milky Way to reveal its history and test theories of galaxy formation. (Credit: S. Sharma, J. Bullock, K. Johnston)

(Bottom) Artist's rendition of planets orbiting a sun-like star. MARVELS will monitor more than 10,000 stars to detect the motions induced by giant, Jupiter-like planets, providing new constraints on the mechanisms of giant planet formation. (Credit: T. Riecken)