Ellie was born May 19, 2002 in Hubei Province, China. She spent her first 11 months in the excellent care of the Tuangfeng Social Welfare Institute. Lisa and I adopted her on April 15, 2003, changing her name from Li Rui Yang to Elena Rui Florman Weinberg.

Adopting from China was a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend our adoption agency, Families Through International Adoption to anyone considering a similar course.

For the seriously doting relatives (and our own future reference), I have put photos of some of Ellie's drawings, paintings, and other art works on a gallery page.

I have written occasional "Ellie updates" recording our life with Ellie over the last seven years. Click on thumbnails to get larger photos.

Also, I have transcribed a letter that I wrote to Ellie while we were still in China, describing our trip. It is, in a sense, Update 0, from April, 2003.

Photos of Ellie and family from our China trip.

Photos of our China travel group.

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