Winter Quarter 2012

There will be two midterm examinations and a comprehensive final examination, scheduled for the following dates:
One page (two-sided) of self-prepared notes, a calculator and the sheet with the constants will be allowed for the midterms. The final exam will be comprehensive. For the final, up to two pages (8.5x11 inches, each two-sided) of self-prepared notes, a calculator and the sheet with the constants are allowed.

Each of the midterm examinations will account for 15% of the course grade (30% total). The final will account for the 40% of the course grade. The material to be covered on each midterm will be announced in class and on the announcements page approximately a week before each exam.

Make-up Examinations:
Make-up examinations will be allowed under extraordinary circumstances only (as determined by the professor), e.g., illness (as verified by a physician). Make-up midterms usually will be one-hour oral examinations.

If an examination conflicts with an approved University function, you may take an exam earlier than the scheduled date, provided that you obtain permission from the professor at least a week in advance.

If you should miss the final examination, your course grade will be recorded as a failure unless you contact Dr. Stanek (by phone, if necessary) before noon on Wednesday, 14 March 2012, and arrange to take the final at the beginning of Spring Quarter - in this case you will receive a grade of incomplete.

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Updated 15 December 2011