Astronomy 350:
Methods of Astronomical Observation & Data Analysis

The Ancient of Days
[Europe a Prophecy, 1824, Plate 1: Frontispiece: The Ancient of Days William Blake (1757-1827), Whitworth Art Gallery, University of Manchester, UK]

Laboratory Exercises

Instructions and supplemental information for each laboratory exercise in this course are provided in the links below.
Lab Instructions

Lab 1: Visual Observing with the 12-inch Meade Telescope
Due: Wednesday, November 6 with Lab 2

Lab 2: Simple Long-Slit Grating Spectrometer
Due: Wednesday, November 6

Lab 3: The Heights of Lunar Craters
Due: Wednesday, November 20

Lab 4: Differential Photometry of CY Aquarii
Part 3 Updated 2002 Dec 1!
  • Preliminary Photometry: 5pm Thursday, 2002 December 5 via email.
  • Final Differential Photometry: 5pm Tuesday, 2002 December 10 via webform.
  • Final Lab Report: 5pm Thursday, 2002 December 12 in person.

Additional Documents:

Laboratory Rules of Operation

Read this before you do any of the labs. It describes the ground rules for cooperation and suggestions to help you get through the labs in one piece.

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Updated: 2002 December 1

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