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TIFKAM Online Documentation

TIFKAM is the MDM facility Infrared Imager/Spectrometer. Built by the Ohio State University, TIFKAM works primarily at 0.9-2.5 microns for imaging and grism spectroscopy, using a 1024x1024 Rockwell HgCdTe (HAWAII-1R) array purchased by Dartmouth funds from the NSF MRI program.

These links provide access to all online documentation related to the TIFKAM Infrared Imager and Spectrometer as it is used at MDM. The first set are of most interest to general observers, while the second set is primarily intended for technical support personnel.

General Observer Information

The TIFKAM User's Manual (HTML, 2008 June 11)

Current Instrument Tables (HTML, 2008 June 11)

Known Problems (HTML; 2008 June 11)

Prospero Manual & Documents

Prospero Observer's Guides & Instrument Reference Cards

1998 Kona SPIE paper
[PDF (71Kb) | PostScript (136Kb)]

Contact Information

Technical Support Information

MOSAIC/TIFKAM Help! Documents

Generic ICIMACs Guides

OSU Imaging Sciences Lab main page

Acknowledging TIFKAM

When writing papers based on data acquired with TIFKAM at MDM, we ask that you include the following as part of your acknowledgement (in addition to acknowledging use of MDM or KPNO, as appropriate):
TIFKAM was funded by The Ohio State University, the MDM consortium, MIT, and NSF grant AST-9605012. The HAWAII-1R array upgrade for TIFKAM was funded by NSF Grant AST-0079523 to Dartmouth College.
It is always a good idea to thank our sponsors, especially NSF.