Indo-US 21st Century Knowledge Initiative

STEM Education and Research Faculty Training Program

Global strategy for higher education in the 21st century

Higher education institutions in emerging countries face a critical need for world-class research faculty in Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) and related disciplines. The Ohio State University (OSU) has developed a program for STEM Education and Research to train graduate students from India as the next generation of STEM faculty, in partnership with the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). The OSU-AMU pilot project, supported by a highly competitive and prestigious award from the US-India Education Foundation under the Indo-US 21st Century Knowledge Initiative (formerly known as the Obama-Singh Initiative), is an exemplar for Indian universities as well as other countries. The general ideas are outlined in the Concept Paper.

  • International Conference on STEM Education and Research
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    Organized by AMU and OSU, the first international conference on STEM-ER was held jointly with nanotechnology conference Nanotech V on March 12-15, 2016. One of the main themes was the formation of an Indo-US consortium of universities for STEM Education and Research.