12:30 p.m., McPherson 1005

Professor Barbara Ryden

Winter Quarter 2006

Welcome to the Astronomy 292 Home Page

Astronomy 292 is the second of a two-quarter sequence in introductory astronomy and astrophysics that is intended for sophomore-level astronomy majors and other scientifically oriented students who desire a comprehensive calculus-based sequence in astronomy. The instructor for this course is Professor Barbara Ryden.


Course information and syllabus (in PDF format)
Roof nights
Astronomy colloquia

Links for further exploration:

Hipparcos Space Astrometry Mission (Stellar parallax)
Characteristics of stellar spectral types (Summary of stellar spectral types)
The Sun's life story (Courtesy of Prof. Richard Pogge)
An Atlas of the Universe (Maps of structure on different scales)
Galactic Center Research at Max Planck Institut fur extraterrestriche Physik (Great movies of stellar motion near the Galactic center)

Lecture notes (to be posted in PDF format at the completion of each `chapter'):

Chapter 1 (Properties of Stars)

Chapter 2 (Stellar Atmospheres)

Chapter 3 (Stellar Interiors)

Chapter 4 (Formation and Evolution of Stars)

Chapter 5 (Stellar Remnants)

Chapter 6 (Our Galaxy)

Chapter 7 (Other Galaxies)

Chapter 8 (Active Galaxies)

Chapter 9 (Clusters and Superclusters)

Chapter 10 (Cosmology)

Chapter 11 (History of the Universe)

Problem Sets:

Problem Set 1 (due Jan 11)

Problem Set 2 (due Jan 18)

Problem Set 3 (due Jan 25)

Problem Set 4 (due Feb 8)

Problem Set 5 (due Feb 15)

Problem Set 6 (due Feb 22)

Problem Set 7 (due Mar 8)
Questions? Comments? Send an e-mail to Professor Ryden, or to the TA, Chris Burke.

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