A Guide to SDSS Publication Procedures

by David Weinberg, SDSS Scientific Publications Coordinator

This is an informal guide to SDSS publication procedures. It is intended to supplement the formal description of the SDSS Scientific and Technical Publication Policy. If you have never read the publication policy, you should do so.

If you are wondering specifically about a paper that uses only on publicly released SDSS data, please read the advice of the CoCo on this topic here.

As the SDSS Scientific Publications Coordinator (SPC), it is my job to ensure that SDSS scientific papers follow the publication policy. The purpose of this guide is partly to save you having to re-read the publication policy before every paper, but mostly to highlight the most significant points and to give some additional details --- in some cases these are ``implementation customs'' that have developed subsequent to the policy itself. You should read this guide every time you are ready to submit a paper, in part to see whether anything has changed.

I'll first address journal article submissions, then conference proceedings submissions.

Steps in submitting an SDSS scientific publication to a journal

Steps in submitting an SDSS scientific paper to a conference proceedings

The procedure for submitting a conference paper based on SDSS data is the same as that described for journal articles above, with the following exceptions: