OSU/Michigan AGN Reverberation Mapping Campaign
2005 Feb 7 to April 10
MDM 1.3m McGraw-Hill Telescope

AGN05 is a joint OSU/Michigan campaign to obtain nightly spectral monitoring of selected Seyfert 1 galaxies from the MDM 1.3m telescope during a 60-day period from February thru April 2005. The primary goal of the project is to measure good reverberation-based black hole masses.


Lead Investigators & Coordinators:
Bradley Peterson (PI, OSU)
Doug Richstone (CoI, UM)
Marianne Vestergaard (UA)
Rick Pogge (OSU)
Keith Horne (St. Andrews)

Marianne Vestergaard (UA)
Kelly Denney (OSU)
Charles Kuehn (OSU)
Chris Onken (OSU)
Matthias Dietrich (OSU)
Jeff Fogel (UM)
Brad Peterson (OSU)
Misty Bentz (OSU)
Himel Ghosh (OSU)
Matt Walker (UM)
Rick Pogge (OSU)
Ed Cackett (St. Andrews)

Supporting Observations:
Yuzuru Yoshii (Japan)
Sergey Sergeev (Crimean Astrophysical Observatory)

Project Status

All observations have been completed. Ed Cackett wins the No Night Left Behind Award for the best weather during a run (zero nights lost to weather). Sign him up for your next observing run, he clearly has good weather karma.

Overall we ended up with 43 nights of data running from Feb 27 until April 10. The "window function" for our targets is as follows:

Window Function (2005 Apr 11) (4.8k PDF)
We are now moving in to the post-campaign cleanup and boilerplate reduction stages. More news later.

Nightly Observing Logs & Reports

Nightly Data Logs

Nightly Observing Reports

Resources for the Astronomer

Observing Schedule & Logistics

Observing Manual (v2.1, 2005 Feb 23, 605k PDF)

AGN Target Finding Charts (v2, 2005 Feb 23, 303k PDF)

Standard Star Finding Charts (v2, 2005 Feb 23, 426k PDF)

MDM Weather Information


Updated: 2005 April 11 [rwp/osu]