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2014 January 18

Our Latest Paper, in Video Form

This week's "picture" is actually a video, describing the latest paper submitted by the ASAS-SN team about an ASAS-SN discovery. The paper, titled "Discovery and Observations of ASASSN-13db, an EXor Accretion Event on a Low-Mass T Tauri Star," was lead by first-year OSU Astronomy graduate student Tom Holoien and presents our findings on ASASSN-13db, one of our discoveries from 2013.

In the video above Tom describes ASASSN-13db, an accretion event on a T Tauri star that we discovered in September 2013. Follow-up observations of the transient showed that it had a very unique spectrum dominated by emission lines, characteristic of a class of episodic accretion events called "EXors." Further investigation revealed other similarities between ASASSN-13db and EXors, leading us to conclude that ASASSN-13db was also an EXor event. However, the number of known EXors is small, and ASASSN-13db appears to be much less massive and luminous than is typical for these objects, making it a particularly interesting object for further study.

The full text of the paper can be found on ADS here.

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