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2014 May 15

First Light on the Small Magellanic Cloud from Chile

Cassius, ASAS-SN Unit 2, is officially up and running in the Southern Hemisphere! Shown above is a composite image of the Small Magellanic Cloud made with ASAS-SN images taken between May 11, 2014 and May 15, 2014. The SMC is just one of many objects that ASAS-SN was unable to see from the Northern Hemisphere that we can now monitor regularly. We are also very excited about Cassius for another reason: in addition to giving us access to new parts of the sky, Cassius also allows us to gather data even when the weather in Hawaii is not cooperating. Cassius has been successfully observing the sky every night since its first light on May 5, and while we are currently still gathering intial data to create reference images for all our southern fields, we will soon be reducing and searching Cassius images in real time as we do with those from ASAS-SN Unit 1, "Brutus." Look forward to the many new and exciting discoveries we will make with our new southern unit in the future!

ASAS-SN expansion to the Southern Hemisphere was funded by . We are very thankful to LCOGT for their continued support of ASAS-SN, and for all their hard work in getting Cassius up and running smoothly!

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