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2014 July 2

Our Big Boom: ASASSN-14cl

The brightest ASAS-SN transient so far, ASASSN-14cl, was discovered on June 14th, 2014, as a very easy to spot (despite being observed one day after full moon), V=10.7 magnitude new object. It was immediately announced by us via vsnet-alert and ATel, and it had a spectrum taken using a 25-cm amateur telescope! The AAVSO light curve above shows the amazing response of the astronomical community to this event: as of July 2nd 2014, less than 20 days after the transient has been discovered, almost 20,000 observations obtained by 25 observers have been obtained for ASASSN-14cl.

This is not the first time one of our objects is very intensely observed by American Association of Variable Star Observers, but ASASSN-14cl, being so bright, is certainly an ASAS-SN record-holder so far. The event is still on-going, so we suspect many more observations will be taken for it.

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