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    Sultana N. Nahar
    Alburuj R. Rahman


    i) Interview at Thikana newspaper office in New York, 2006, ii) Speech at World Women's Day, New York, 2006, iii) "Advertisement for Science News, THIKANA (Bangla Newspaper, New York, USA), January 2007

  • 2021:

  • Nov 7, 2022, Featured in OSU Middle East Studies Center news: "New Chapter of International Society of Muslim Women in Science Inaugurated"

  • Sep 8, 2021: OSU-OIA news: "Ohio State and EducationUSA host information session for Bangladeshi students", the EducationUSA program organized and hosted by Nahar on Aug 25, 2021

  • Sep 2017: Get together in Columbus, OH, the Physicists alumni of Dhaka University (L-R: Dr. Mahbub, Robin, Dr. Dilruba, Dr. Belayet Hussain, Dr. Sultana Nahar, Dr. Harunuzzaman, Dr. Tanvir, Dr. Muniril Alam)
    - Alumni of Dhaka University (in addition to above are Dr. Anis, Dr. Kishwar, Dora apa)
    - Pictures were taken by Nashid Zaman (member of Oscar winning team for Life of Pi)

  • 2014:

  • 2014, OSU Indonesia news page for US Indonesia Teacher Education Consortium (USINTEC): Notice for science connection for ISMWS and Physics at OSU-Indonesia

  • "Prof. Sultana N. Nahar inaugurated Telescope Facility at Aligarh Muslim University", India Education Dairy
    , -Inauguration of AMU telescope, March 2014

  • "Moments of Discovery", Page 11, Wayne State Alumni magazine, 2014

  • Delhi University newspaper "Campus Eye" news on our course "Atomic and Molecular Radiation Physics: From Astronomy to Biomedicine" (page 2, April 2014)

  • Sultana Nahar attended and spoke (picture) at the Aligarh Alumni Association Convention, Feb 26-March 1, 2014

  • OSU Women's place news about i) Woman Physicist of the month of APS and ii) John Wheatley award of APS in Highlighting Accomplishments, 2013

  • Interview on Knowledge Bank open access published in OnCampus news "What happens at OSU doesn’t need to stay here", Oct 31, 2013

  • News at Obama-Singh accord with educators of Indian institutes and recognitions at AMU-DUTY website: "Function 20th Sept 2013"

  • Award recognitions in India: OSU Arts & Science News Updates, Awards section (2nd item): "Astronomers Recognized for Contributions to Scientific Education in India"

  • AMU News: Sultana Nahar inaugurates the new telescope at Aligarh Muslim University
    - Two Circles Net news on physics awards and telescope inauguration: "Telescope facility inaugurated at AMU"
    - Shahernama news on physics awards and telescope inauguration: "AMU:Telescope facility inaugurated at Department of Physics"
    - Pictures: Sultana presents Chief Guest Lecture, Physics awards ceremony, Aligarh Muslim University, September 2013

  • News on Obama-Singh STEM ER project in September 2013::
    - AMU news Visit of Ohio State University team
    - AMU news: OSU team initiates the STEM ER program at AMU
    - Indian Muslim Observer news: "U.S. group of experts to visit AMU during September 15-18"
    - NRI Press news: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - Muslim Mirror news: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - My Results Plus news: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - Mathrubhumi Education news: US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - India Forums News: US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - Zee news: US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - Business Standard news: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - Rabita Islamic News Agency: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - Newz First: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - New Kerala news: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - Sify News: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - News Track India: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - NVO news: "US group of experts to visit AMU during September 15-18"
    - News4Education: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - City of Mine news: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - India Vision news: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - Aligarh Khabar: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"
    - En Maktoob news: "US varsity delegation to visit AMU"

  • Forum of International Physics News: "Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Award for the Ohio State University ˗ Aligarh Muslim University Partnership"
    - Columbus Folk Dancers Newsletter, "Why did Sultana go to India?"

  • On the recent awards, Columbus Folkdancers Newsletter, May 2013

  • Video interview by APS on John Wheatley award and APS, APS April Meeting, Denver, April 13-16, 2013

  • "CSWP Woman Physicist of the Month Award, March 2013", March 1, 2013,
    - Sultana Nahar "Physicist of the Month", Women in Physics, American Physical Society,
    - APS Award Event picture, April 14, 2013
    - Pictures at AAPS website
    News: At APS Twitter page, March 2013
    - In CSWP Gazette of APS, Fall 2013, p.7
    - WIPHYS (Woman in Physics), - Circulation of APS, March 11, 2013
    - Weekly Arts and Sciences News and Updates at OSU: Under "Awards", March 13, 2013
    - International Iron Project Circulation

  • Publication of highlights of work on development of Physics in Bangladesh "Recent Visit to Bangladesh Universities and Physics Prizes", FIP Spring 2013 newsletter

  • Received "Shield of Faculty of Science", Cairo University, for Initiating STEM program in Physics, and "Excellence, devotion and care in the lecture course provided during Spring 2013", - Celebration event Thanks for Loyality, March 2, 2013
    News: Event broadcasted on Cairo University campus TV for days,
    - Weekly OSU Arts and Science News and Updates newsletter, Awards section: "Researcher Receives Award from Cairo University", April 3, 2013

  • John Wheatly Award news in: APS award webpage,
    - John Wheatley award information website
    2013 John Wheatley Award Recipient, FIP webpage,
    - FIP Award Info Webpage,
    - "Sultana Nahar, FIP Executive Committee Member, Winner of the John Wheatley Award", 2013 FIP news wegpage,
    - APS June 2013 news
    - APSNEWS, Vol 22, No3 (page.4), March 2013
    - FIP circulation, March 8, 2013,
    - APS page for April Award recipients, entire June 2013,
    - APS News, Vol 22, No. 6 (page 1), June 2013
    - FIP Circulation for the Award Talk, March 18, 2013
    - Abstract in Smithsonia/NASA ADS,
    - "John Wheatley Award Talk: Promoting Under-Represented Physicists in Asian and Arab Countries and Muslim Women in Science", Sultana N. Nahar, Abstract: R6.00001, Invited Session R6, APS April Metting 2013, Bull. Am. Phys. Soc. 58, No. 4., April 13¿16, 2013; Denver, Colorado, 2013
    - Reception at APS meeting, April 14, 2013,
    - Picutres from APS "Award Ceremony", APS pictures, Presidential Reception, April 14, 2013
    News at:
    - CSWP Gazette, Vol 32, No 7, Spring 2013 (p.11),
    - APS 2013 April Meeting, Bull. Am. Phys. Soc. 58, No 4 (p. 14),
    - Wayne State University Astronomy and Physics News, "Dr. Sultana Nahar recipient of John Wheatley Award of the American Physical Society", July 30, 2013
    - New Prize and Award Recipients Announced in 2012, APS
    - Prize, Award, Medal, Lectureship & Dissertation Award Recipients 2013, APS,
    - Prize, Award, Medal, Lectureship & Dissertation Award Recipients listing all time, APS,
    - Women in Academia Report: "Four Women Scholars Honored With Awards", August, 2013
    - Awards section of Arts and Sciencs News and Updates,November 2012, OSU
    - PBC 24, (Bengali news),
    - News BD, (Bengali news),
    - Asian News Broadcast 24, (Bengali news)
    - Top News of Bengali Times (Canada), November 2012

  • News of "Headliner Award" from Women of Wayne Alumni Association, Detroit, MI:
    - OSU Art and Sciences News and Updates, Feb 13, 2013,
    - Alumni website for recipients list: in Alumni newsletter,
    - Event Title: "2013 Women of Wayne Headliner Awards" (2nd page), March 2013,
    - "Celebrate Wayne Women at Headliner Awards", Newsletter, April 5, 2013,
    - Event pictures
    - News at: WSU Alumni Newsletter,
    - Wayne State The Magazine "Women of Wayne" (p.51)

  • "Ohio State University Outrreach and Engagement Forum 2013", "Globalization of OSU: Connection to Egypt and Other Middle East and African Countries", page 31

  • Pictures at OSU-OIA Fullbright celebration event 2nd page, April 18, 2013

  • News of awards and activities in Egypt: In "Middle Eastern Studies Bulletin": Autumn 2012 issue, or in Bulletin AU12, p. 7-9

  • News of 4 Awards in Thikana, (Bengali weekly newspaper, New York), August 2012

  • In APS FIP Fall 2012 newsletter: Egypt Connection by Nahar

  • Pictures at ICAMDATA 8 at NIST, Sep 30-Oct 5, 2012, Group picture, Conference pictures, pictures as conference website

  • In BDNews (Bengali): BSA-OSU event for Bangladeshi culture and funding raising for a school June 13, 2012 (BSA Advisor: Nahar)

  • News of Outstanding Research Mentor Award: in Arts and Sciences News "ASC Faculty and Research Scientist Selected for 2012 Mentoring Awards", in OSUToday "Distinguished Undergraduate Research Mentor, Outstanding Research Mentor Awards", in Undergrad Research webpage: "Distinguished Undergraduate Research Mentor Awards and Outstanding Research Mentor Awards", May 2012

  • Proposal news in Indian Muslim Observer, May 2012

  • Cancer research findings (RNPT) as one of the four important contributions of Astronomy to human life "What has astronomy done for you lately?" in Astronomy magazine, May 2012, p.31-35 (4 items: GPS, wireless internet, RNPT, and laser surgery of eyes)

  • News of Gold Medal by Laser Sciences awards and two other awards received in April-May 2012: front page Top News, Bengali Times of Canada, newsbd, PBC 24, Thikana

  • News of laser science award and Shield of Cairo University in Arts and Scients News and Updates :"Research Scientist Receives Two Awards", May 2012

  • News of MOA between OSU and CairoU, April 2012:
    in YouTube posted Cairo University video news: "Published on May 6, 2012 by SuperAlimostafa - MOA between Ohio State Univ .USA & Cairo Univ. EGYPT Official Signing Celebration at Lotfi El Sayed Hall of Cairo University Dr. Sultana Nahar Professor of Astrophysics OSU representing OSU and Prof. Dr. Gamal El Deen Vice President of Cairo Univ. for Higher Education& Research representing CU",
    in an Egyptian newspaper,
    in "Middle East Studies Bulletin" issue of Spring 2012: "MOA between Ohio State University and Cairo University Signed" (p.26),

  • Sultana presents "Women Stars in Physics" and ISMWS at the first session on women physicists at Wayne State University, April 4, 2012
    Physics Graduate Research Day at Wayne State: Sultana as the "Guest speaker"

  • OSU Authors' Reception by ODI, March 2012: Event and Pictures.
    On the special ODI magazine "DRUM" honoring Dr. Hale, Sultana's picture selected to represent the Authos Reception in ODI sponsored events

  • In news highlights of UAE and India at APS FIP newsletter, Spring 2012

  • News at Aligarh Muslim University in India in OSU Arts and Sciences News: "Research Scientist Travels to India to Give Back to Students", Feb 2012

  • News: Elected Member of the APS-FIP Executive Committee, FIP Newsletter Spring 2012

  • Pictures from International conference on "Current Development of Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Nano Physics and Applications", Delhi, India, December 2011, Conference posted pictures, Nahar's abstract posted at AstroAtom

  • News in India: My AMU news, Aligarh Muslim University, Radiance Viewsweekly, December 2011

  • Visit to TajMahal, December 2011

  • United Arab Emirates University: Seminar Notice to the whole university, Dec 2011

  • Nominated for Executive Committee member of Forum of International Physics: Candidate Page of FIP, September, 2011,

  • Receiving two Egyptian certificates, one from Egyptian Physical Society and one from Topical Society of Laser Sciences , October, 2011, Picture, news at OSU Arts and Sciences, in Thikana

  • In Click Ciencia news (portugese): Cancer research as application of basic science to new technology Entrela amento Cientifico (Scientific Entanglement)". the last section "A roda do conhecimento" Professor Sueli Vegas, Outreach site of Click Ciencia, Department of Physics, Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos, Brazil, September 2011

  • Bangladesh trip - some of the news: Razzaq-Shamsun Physics Research board meeting, 2011, pictures at Radha Govinda Lectures - certificate, book contribution, attended Boita's birthday celebration

  • Worldwide publication of "ASTRONOMERS REACH FOR THE STARS TO DISCOVER NEW CANCER THERAPY" of our Resonant Nano-Plasma Theranostics (RNPT) method, a press release in Research, Ohio State University, June 22, 2011 and onCampus. Examples (over 100 websites and 11 interviews):
    1. AstroBiology (p2-4) (, 2. Physics Inventions Reach for the stars
    3. Discovery News: For New Cancer Therapies, Look to the Stars
    3. SpaceBlog: news
    4. Chemistry News Articles: news,
    5. Science Daily news,
    6. Space Astronomy Discovery Could Help Treat Cancer Patients
    7. UPI: Astronomy could yield cancer treatments 7. Cancer Discovery: Astronomy Research Suggests Tumor Tools
    8. FoxNews: Could Black Holes Help Treat Cancer Patients?
    9. TruthDive (,
    10. DNA India (,

    11. Times of India: Astronomers hit on way to cure cancer
    11. Daily India (, 12. SpaceandEarthDailyScienceNews (
    13. PhysOrg (,
    14. Newswise (,
    15. Eurekalert (,
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    21. Health and Science: Astronomical finding may help treat cancer patients
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    35. Gajitz: Help From the Stars: Black Hole Radiation = Cancer Therapy
    36. Space-MSNBC: Astronomy discovery could help treat cancer
    37. SpaceInfo: Space spin-offs – better cancer therapy
    38. USA Headlines: Could Black Holes Help Treat Cancer Patients?
    39. Rockefeller: Astronomical observation paves way for tumor therapy
    40. MedIndia: Superior Cancer Treatment Therapies Possible Via Space Secrets
    41. Asian News International: Space secrets could lead to superior cancer therapies
    42. Azonamo: esearchers Study New Radiation Therapy for Cancer Employing Resonant Nano-Plasma Theranostics
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    50. Here First: Astronomers Discover New Cancer Treatment
    51. Yahoo News Canada: Astronomy Discovery Could Help Treat Cancer Patients
    52. Andhara News: Space secrets could lead to superior cancer treatment therapies
    53. The Asian Age: Space secrets may aid cancer treatment
    54. XIAM007: Could Black Holes Help Treat Cancer Patients?
    55. West Bengal: Space secrets could lead to superior cancer treatment therapies
    56. Neppa Center Astronomy could yield cancer treatments
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    58. SimpleComptAns: Could Black Holes Help Treat Cancer Patients?
    59. Bio-Medicine: Astronomers reach for the stars to discover new cancer therapy
    60. Daily Health and Medicine: Cancer Treatment News: Making cancer treatment less onerous for patients (2nd topic)
    61. Science Slashdot: X-rays For Stargazing Turn Into Cancer Treatment
    62. Funontheinternet: Radiation Inside Stars and Black Holes Triggers Breakthrough on cancer imaging!!
    63. Click2Delhi: Space secrets could lead to superior cancer treatment therapies
    64. Siddha: Astronomical finding be a help for Cancer Treatment
    65. Jagran Post: Astronomical finding may help treat cancer patients
    66. NewKerala: Space secrets could lead to superior cancer treatment therapies
    67. TheBaltimoe Sun: Astronomy Discovery Could Help Treat Cancer Patients
    68. HamarHealth: Space secrets could lead to superior cancer therapies

    69. Smart Planet of CBS 70. Arts and Sciences News ans Updates: "Astronomers Reach For The Starts To Discover New Cancer Therapy astronomy pic of space"

  • "Atomic Astrophysics and Spectroscopy" book news in Award section of OSU Arts and Sciences News and Updates

  • Sultana receives Medal of Honor at the international conference on Modern Trends in Physics Research, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, December 12-16, 2010; news in New York Darpan news, in Thikana, Pictures from the conference and Egypt, in OSU Arts & Sciences News

  • In 2010 Annual Research Report of Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) presenting noteworthy research activities (report nanobiomedical research)

    OSC press: "X-ray researchers turn focus from black holes to cancer"

  • Alumni News of Wayne State University Physics (p.12)

  • Astronomy Session with the class of immigrant adults and children, Immigrant Voice, Vol. 4, December 2010, p.3

  • Cairo University Libraray of Egypt accepts books given by Sultana, 2010, Dr. Shaheen (Head of Department of Library & Information Service)

  • In the past, Sultana had given physics and astronomy books to Dhaka University (e.g. letter), Jahangirnagar University, Chittagong University, Central Women's College, Kabi Nazrul Government College, Maniza Rahman Girls High Schook, Astronomy Olympiad Club, Panchdona Madrasa and Orphanage in Bangladesh

  • DAMOP10, Houston, Texas, May 25-29, 2010

  • Meeting Dr. Nina Fedoroff, Science & Technolog Advisor to the Secretary of State, on international education and research collaboration, OSU, Columbus, May 5, 2010

  • Front page press release "X-ray researchers turn focus from black holes to cancer" on our nano-biomedical research (followed by front page news "Tailored X-rays for cancer" in Natue India Nov09), the Ohio Supercomputer Center, Jan 28, 2010

  • "2009 Research Highlights by Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC)"

  • United Arab Emirates University: Female Science Students presentation "Dr. Sultana Nahar, The Iron Lady of Mathematical Computations"

  • "Muslim Astronomers and Astrophysicists of 21st century" (#7 S.N. Nahar), CHOWK ilogs, November 1, 2009

  • Attendance at 50th ICPEAC (2009): Certificate, pictures 1, pictures 2

  • "Sultana Nurun Nahar: Wikis, 2008

  • Sultana and Alburuj at Egpytian Museum, Cairo, trip through international conference of "Modern Trend of Physics Research", April 2008

  • Advertisement for Science News, THIKANA (Bangla Newspaper, New York, USA), January 2007

  • "High Accuracy Atomic Physics in Astronomy", ITAMP (Harvard-CfA) newsletter, Spring 2007

  • APS Fellow news in MuktoMona


  • Thikana news (New York), March 24, 2006: Guest of Honor, World Womens Day 2006, Organized by Progressive Forum, New York, Ribbon cutting and news: "Exceptional program by Progressive Forum for observing the World Women's Day"
  • Thikana news, March 24, 2006 (with a long interview article): "Exceptional program by Progressive Forum for observing the World Women's Day" (picture shows Alburuj playing violin)
  • Bangla Patrika (New York), March 24, 2006: "Exceptional program by Progressive Forum for observing the World Women's Day"
  • Another newspaper (New York), March 24, 2006: "Exceptional program by Progressive Forum for observing the World Women's Day"
  • Current Time (New York), March 24, 2006: front page (in the middle): "Welcoming scientist Sultana Nahar: observance of the World Women's Day by the Progressive Forum" - continuing page "observance the World Women's Day"

  • "Astronomers Use Supercomputers To Study Atoms Linked To Black Holes", Science Daily, August, 2006 (the same article was published in many newspapers in various countries)

  • "Welcoming Scientist Sultana Nahar: World Women's Day of Progressive Forum" (front page center news) Guest of Honor, World Women's Day, March 18, 2006,detailed news, "Akhono Samoy" (New York),,in another newspaper, Pictures by Donu

  • News in "Prathom Alo" (Bangladesh), August 2005, Reunion event at Maniza rahman Girls High School

  • Sultana's picture on page 19 of article "San Diego Meeting is Record Breaker!" in AAS Newsletter 124, March 2005

  • "Meet the Iron Lady" for research on iron, the first annual magazine of the Astronomy Department for outside distribution, Ohio State University, 2004, 21

  • Press release "Pride of Bangladesh ...", Research & life, Editor's comment,THIKANA (Bangla newspaper, New York, US), March 26, 2004

  • At Stellar Atmosphere Modeling Workshop}, Tuebingen, Germany, April 8-12, 2002, Group picture (Sultana, leftmost front row)

  • At the Conference on Model Nebulae, 1994, group (partial) & Derby place

  • Wayne State University Physics Newsletter, 1987: "Doctoral degrees awarded", p.5 (WSU Alumni newsletter)

  • At the International Positron (Electron) Gas Scattering workshop, Wayne State University, Detroit, 1985, Group picture (front, rightmost), - Reception at Ford Museum
  • Bangladesh newspaper, 1979: "Traveling Foreign" for higher education and education news.

  • With make-up for a Drama Presentation, Before starting university

  • Alburuj graduates with Bachelor of Science in Biological Science from Cornell University, May 24, 2015:
    - Graduation recogniontion in Biological sciences, Mother and Son, - Graduation held in Conell University stadium

  • Asian Festival 2014: Ali, Yaseen, Alburuj performance under Out of Sphere band

  • Alburuj playing violin in Taste of OSU 2012 advertisement, at the OIA website, 2012

  • Alburuj receives First Place in "Biology Research Award" on submitted papers, Columbus Technical Council (CTC), April 29, 2011 (12th Grade)

  • Alburuj receives Talent Hunt Certificate (as a finalist) from Omega Psi Phi Fraternity for Hihg School students from Columbus Metropolitan areas, March 19, 2011

  • Alburuj receives District Science Day Superior Rating Award, March 19, 2011

  • Alburuj in TechColumbus Website advertisement for Student Innovation Awards 2010. He was also a semi-finalist in 2010 Student Innovation Awards

  • Alburuj, 1st place trophy in Senior Instrumental Music, FIA (Federation of Indian Association) Talent Hunt Competition, 2010, Columbus, Veteran Memorial Hall , FIA list of winners

  • Alburuj receives art certificate at 12th North America Bangla Literature and Culture convention, OSU, 2010

  • Alburuj presented protein research at Ohio Health Westerville (flyer has Alburuj and Andrew working), through Metro/OSU credits, June 8, 2010

  • Alburuj's , & Noorjahan's, presentations at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, OSU, May 12, 2010

  • Alburuj receives Governor's Award for Excellence in Biotechnology Research" (2nd position) and its scholarship letter at the State Science Day (Ohio); congratulatory letter from the director of Ohio Health Department, May 9, 2010

  • Alburuj receives Excellent Rating Certificate; Ohio Auditor's certificate ; Congratulations from 1) Ohio Governor Strickland and Lieutenant Governer, 2) US Congresswoman Kilroy (Ohio), 3) Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, 4) Franklin County Commissioners, State Science Day (Ohio), May 9, 2010

  • Alburuj receives i) 1st prize (black trophy), High School essay competion, & ii) paricipation (violin, white trophy), Bangladesh Association of Central Ohio (BACO), April 2010
    - Bangladesh Today Essay

  • Alburuj becomes member of the National Honors Society , 2010

  • Alburuj receives District Science Day Superior Rating Award, March 20, 2010

  • Battelle blog on Alburuj, March 10, 2010: metro talk: And in His Spare Time ...

  • Alburuj R. Rahman: TechColumbus Innovation Award, TechColumbus page, TechColumbus Press Release, Congratulations: M.J. Kilroy [US Congresswoman from OH] , G. Gee [OSU President] ,news, e.g. at IT Industry Today, interview, e,g,Columbus News -page 1, page 2

  • FIA (Federation of Indian Association) Talent Hunt, Instrumental Music 2009: Alburuj, 1st position Certificate, Trophy

  • OSU CCTS website news 2009: "Summer research experience program success" (news page no longer accessible) but the downloaded picture with PI Prof. R. Jackson Alburuj R. Rahman (front nrxt to Dr. Jackson, leftmost) about Research Assistant at NIH-SREP09 CCTS-OSU, summer of 9th grade

  • Alburuj playing with "Mixed Bag Band", 2009

  • Alburuj is a finalist in the Annual Talent Hunt by the Mu Iota Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, 2009.

  • FIA (Federation of Indian Association) Talent Hunt, Instrumental Music 2008: Alburuj R. Rahman, 2nd position

  • Alburuj receives "President's Award" for middle school achievement Certificate, and Middle school scholar award Certificate, 2007

  • Alburuj's ID for touring London, 2002

  • Encouragement helped Alburuj to learn swimming on his own in 2000
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