Blackhole Rainbow! Atom Iron Spectrum
..... Blackhole................................Rainbow! .................................................. Atom ........................................................Iron Spectrum

Dr. Sultana Nurun Nahar
(APS Fellow, CSWP Woman Physicist of the Month of APS)

Research Professor, Department of Astronomy , The Ohio State University,
4001 McPherson Lab, 140 W. 18th Ave, Columbus, OH 43210, USA
Email: nahar.1@osu.edu, Tel: 614-292-1888, Fax:614-292-2928
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  • Involvment with STEM Research and Education (Blue - Universities, Green - Primary/Secondary/Higher Secondary Schools):
    Al-Azhar University, Egypt
    Aligarh Muslim University, India
    Cairo University, Egypt
    Chittagong University, Bangladesh
    Dhaka University, Bangladesh
    Jagannath University, Bangladesh
    Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh
    University of Kashmir, India
    Obama-Singh Knowledge Initiative OSU, USA
    Rajshahi University, Bangladesh
    Razzaq-Shamsun Research prizes, Bangladesh
    Wayne State University, USA
    Central Women's College, Bangladesh
    Char Domdoma Primary School, Bangladesh
    Kabi Nazrul Govt College, Bangladesh
    Mahila Samitee Primary School, Bangladesh
    Maniza Rahman Girls High School, Bangladesh
    Panchdona Madrasa & Orphanage, Bangladesh

  • <H2> <font size=6 color="#ff0000"> <a name="textbook">TEXTBOOK</a>: <p> <H1><img src="book/AAS-cover-final.jpg" width=200 height=150> <font size=5 color="#ff0000">New textbook bridging Physics & Astronomy:<br> <A href="atomicastrophysspec.html">"Atomic Astrophysics and Spectroscopy"</A><br> By: Anil K. Pradhan and Sultana N. Nahar (<A href="http://www.cambridge.org/uk/catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=9780521825368">Cambridge University Press</A>) </H1> <p> <hr> <hr> </H2> <H2> <font size=6 color="#ff0000"> <a name="publications-presentations">PUBLICATIONS, PRESENTATIONS</a>: </H2> <font size=5 color="#ff0000"> <li> SN Nahar: <A href="publications.html ">Publications</A> (Journal articles in pdf are linked) <br> <li> SN Nahar: <A href="presentations.html ">Presentations: Conferences and Others </A> (Invited & some Contributed) <br> <li> SN Nahar: <A href="rsrch1.html ">Research Plans</A> <p> <P> Book Chapters:<br> <img src="papers/Book-climatechange08.jpg" width=50 height=65> <A href="http://www.springer.com/environment/soil+science/book/978-90-481-9515-2?cm_mmc=EVENT-_-BookAuthorEmail-_-&uid=18188570">"Climate Change and Food Security in South Asia" </A> (Chapter 3, "Solar Irradiance of the Earth's Atmosphere", S. Nahar, Springer-Verlag, 2010) <p> <li> Iron Project: <A href="http://w3.umh.ac.be/~astro/IPmeeting.shtml">Meeting 2007 Honoring M.J. Seaton </A>, Presentations: <A href="ftp://ftp.umh.ac.be/pub/ftp_astro/palmeri/zeippenfe15.pdf">Fe XV Transitions</A>, <A href="ftp://ftp.umh.ac.be/pub/ftp_astro/palmeri/zeippenfe16.pdf">Fe XVI Transitions</A>

    <font size=6 color="#ff0000"> <a name="cv-awards-services">CV & Services</a>: <p> <font size=4 color="#800000"> <br> <li> SN Nahar: <A href="service.html ">National/International Services</A> <br> <li> SN Nahar: <A href="awards.html ">Awards/Honors/Recognitions</A> <br> <p> <hr> <hr> </H2> <p> <H2> <FONT size=6 color="#ff0000"> <a name="prmt-sci-res-edu">PROMOTER OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND EDUCATION: </a> <p> <FONT size=5 color="#880000"> <li>Physics Research: <A href="RazzaqShamsunPhysicsResearch.html"> Razzaq-Shamsun Lifetime Achievement Award in Physics </A> <br> <li>Physics Research: <A href="RazzaqShamsunPhysicsResearch.html"> Razzaq-Shamsun Physics Research Prize </A> <br> <li>Physics Research & Teaching: <A href="stemphys-dhakau.html"> Dhaka University Teaching Awards </A> <br> <li>Physics Research & Teaching: <A href="physawds-rajshahiu.html">Rajshahi University Teaching Awards </A> <br> <li>Physics Research & Teaching: <A href="physawd-chittagongu.html">Chittagong University Teaching Awards </A> <br> <li>Physics Research & Teaching: <A href="physawd-jagannathu.html">Jagannath Uniersity, University Teaching Awards </A> <br> <li>Physics Research & Teaching: <A href="physawd-jahangirnagaru.html">Jahangirnagar University Teaching Awards </A> <br> <li>Teaching Awards: <a href="KabiNazrulGovtCollegeAwards.html">Kabi Nazrul Government College</a><br> <li>Teaching Awards: <A href="ManizaRahmanGirlsHighSchool.html"> MANIZA RAHMAN GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL </A> <br> <li>Teacher & Student Awards: <A href="ptqmoc.html "> Panchdona Tah'fijul Quran Madrasa and Orphanage </A> <br> <li>Teacher & Student Awards: <A href="GandariaMahilaSamiteGPSAwds.html"> Gandaria Mahila Samitee Government Primary School</a>, <li>Teacher & Student Awards: <A href="domdomaschoolawds.html">Char Domdoma Primary SChool </A> <br> <li>Best Teacher Awards: <A href="centralwomenscollege.html">CENTRAL WOMEN'S COLLEGE </A> <p> <li>Physics Research, Teaching, Students: <A href="physawards-amu.html">Aligarh Muslim University, India </A> <p> <li>Physics Research, Teaching, Students: <A href="physteach-cairou.html">Cairo University, Egypt </A> <br> <!--<li>Physics Research, Teaching, Students: <A href="physteach-alazharu.html">Al-Azhar University, Egypt </A> <br> -->

    <Li> <A href="http://researchnews.osu.edu/archive/ionspace.htm">Group Research News on Superhot atoms - Blackholes </A> <H2> <font size=6 color="#ff0000"> <a name="news">NEWS</a>: </H2> <li> SN Nahar & Alburuj R. Rahman: <A href="news.html ">News & Pictures</A> </ul> <hr> <FONT size=4 color="#808000"> Total recombination rates for <A href="trrcfeions.html"> iron ions Fe I -Fe V </A>, <A href="trrccnoions.html"> CNO ions, C I - C VI, N I - N VII, O I - O VIII </A>, <hr> <li> PICTURES: <A href="pictures/index.html"> DAMOP07,MOL-SPEC08,W.Eissner, Alburuj</A> </h2> <dt> </dt> <li><A href="pictures/apsfellowpic.pdf"> DAMOP07</A>

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