Astronomy 162

Introduction to Stellar, Galactic, & Extragalactic Astronomy

Mo Tu We Th Fr 10:30 am, 1008 Evans Hall

Course Instructor: Prof. Barbara Ryden

Office: 4035 McPherson Lab (fourth floor), 140 W. 18th Ave.

Office Hours: Mo We Th 9am - 10:30am, or by appointment

Phone: 292-4562


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Course Objectives

Astronomy 162 is an overview of the entire universe - a rather daunting prospect, isn't it? After a brief introductory section, the course is divided into three parts. First, we will investigate the structure and evolution of stars. Next, moving to larger scales, we will study the structure and evolution of galaxies. Finally, we will investigate the structure and evolution of the universe taken as a whole: how did the universe begin, and what will its ultimate fate be? The course will emphasize topics of current interest in astronomy. It will cover not merely what astronomers have discovered, but also HOW astronomers make their discoveries. Science is not merely a list of dusty facts preserved in textbooks; science is an ongoing adventure.

On-Line Information

Course Syllabus

Roof & Planetarium Nights

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These links will contain the professor's lecture notes (as they are written) and other sources of information. I will try to have a preliminary version of the lecture notes online by 6 pm on the day before each lecture. Shortly after each lecture, I will revise the notes, if necessary, to reflect what I actually discussed in class. Preliminary versions of the notes are designated by an ``Under Construction'' icon.

Week 1: January 6 - January 10: The Sun

Week 2: January 13 - January 17: The Properties of Stars

Week 3: January 21 - January 24: The Birth of Stars

Week 4: January 27 - January 31: The Life and Death of Stars

Week 5: February 3 - February 7: Stellar Corpses

Week 6: February 10 - February 14: Black Holes

Week 7: February 17 - February 21: Our Galaxy

Week 8: February 24 - February 28: Other Galaxies

Week 9: March 3 - March 7: Cosmology

Week 10: March 10 - March 14: Cosmological Speculations


The course grade will be determined from the results of 4 in-class quizzes and the final exam. See the course syllabus for more details on exams and the makeup and grading policies.

Quiz 1: Friday, January 24: average score = 36.3 correct

Quiz 2: Friday, February 7: average score = 35.4 correct

Quiz 3: Friday, February 21: average score = 35.8 correct

Quiz 4: Friday, March 7: average score = 37.7 correct

Final Exam: Monday, March 17, 9:30 - 11:18 am, 1008 Evans Lab

Senior Final: to be determined

Grade scale for quizzes:

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