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Professor Barbara Ryden

Fall Quarter 2007

Welcome to the Astronomy 291 Home Page

Astronomy 291 is the first of a two-quarter sequence in introductory astronomy and astrophysics that is intended for sophomore-level astronomy majors and other scientifically oriented students who desire a comprehensive calculus-based sequence in astronomy. The instructor for this course is Professor Barbara Ryden.


Course information and syllabus (in PDF format)
Roof nights
Astronomy colloquia

Textbook chapters:

Chapter 1 (Early Astronomy)

Chapter 2 (Emergence of Modern Astronomy)

Chapter 3 (Orbital Mechanics)

Chapter 4 (The Earth-Moon System)

Chapter 5 (Interaction of Radiation and Matter)

Chapter 6 (Astronomical Detection of Light)

Chapter 7 (The Sun)

Chapter 8 (Overview of the Solar System)

Chapter 9 (Earth and Moon)

Chapter 10 (The Planets)

Chapter 11 (Small Bodies in the Solar System)

Chapter 12 (The Solar System in Perspective)

Problem Sets:

Problem Set 1: Handed out Wednesday, Sep 26; due Wednesday, Oct 3

Problem Set 2: Handed out Wednesday, Oct 3; due Wednesday, Oct 10

Problem Set 3: Handed out Wednesday, Oct 10; due Wednesday, Oct 17

Problem Set 4: Handed out Wednesday, Oct 24; due Wednesday, Oct 31

Problem Set 5: Handed out Wednesday, Oct 31; due Wednesday, Nov 7

Problem Set 6: Handed out Wednesday, Nov 7; due Wednesday, Nov 14

Problem Set 7: Handed out Tuesday, Nov 20; due Wednesday, Nov 28
Questions? Comments? Send an e-mail to Professor Ryden, or to the TA, Grant Newsham.

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