OSU Project under "WOMEN IN STEM ROADSHOW" (WSR) program 2017-2018,
U.S. Mission India Public Diplomacy Grants Program, U.S Department of State

"Indo-US Collaboration: STEM Educational and Research Opportunities for Women from Minorities and Disadvantaged Groups"


  • Director: Dr. Sultana N. Nahar, PI, Research Professor, Astronomy, OSU
  • International Expert: Dr. Karen Irving, Professor, Teaching and Learning, OSU
  • International Expert: Dr. Nasreen Haque, President, Intalage Inc., Atlanta
  • Consultant: Prof. Anil K. Pradhan, Professor, Astronomy, OSU and Director of APJ Abul Kalam STEM Center for Education and Research of OSU-AMU



  • Clear images of the brochure pages, Page 1, and Page 2, where objective summaries are explained.

  • Background: The U.S. Embassy strongly supports initiatives that promote women’s social and economic development, integrate women into peace and security building, address and prevent gender-based violence, and ensure women’s full participation in civic and political life. Research shows that progress in women’s employment, health, and education can lead to greater economic growth and stronger communities. Integrating women in the corporate and government sectors is critical to good governance, economic growth, inclusive development, and regional security.
  • Program Goals: The goals of this funding opportunity are to:
    1. Strengthen people-to-people ties between the United States and India through exchanges of information, experiences and expertise.
    2. Support economic growth and development by creating awareness for girls and young women on higher education opportunities in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
    3. Encourage more Indian students to consider higher education opportunities in the United States by interacting with U.S. university alumni in India and promoting EducationUSA.

  • Objective: To implement a STEM Roadshow in selected cities to encourage girls and young women to pursue opportunities in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
    - The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi (PAS New Delhi) in coordination with U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad and U.S. Consulate General Kolkata coordinated the project entitled “Women in STEM Roadshow.”



  • Dr. Sultana Nahar,
    Director, Women in STEM Roadshow program
    (Astronomy Department, The Ohio State University, Email: nahar.1@osu.edu)
    OSU Co-Director (Research and Liaison): Indo-US APJ Abdul Kalam STEM Education and Research Center of OSU-AMU

  • Dr. Karen Irving,
    International Expert, Women in STEM Roadshow program
    (Dept of Teaching and Learning, The Ohio State University, Email: irving.8@osu.edu))
    OSU Co-Director (STEM Education): Indo-US APJ Abdul Kalam STEM Education and Research Center of OSU-AMU

  • Dr. Nasreen Haque,
    International Expert, Women in STEM Roadshow program
    CEO, Intalage Inc, Atlanta (Email: nasreen@intalage.com)


  • Dr. Anil K. Pradhan
    (Astronomy, Chemical Physics, Biophysics, Email: pradhan.1@osu.edu)
    OSU Director: Indo-US APJ Abdul Kalam STEM Education and Research Center of OSU-AMU


  • Dr Gifty Ako-Adounvo, Assistant Vice President of Global Strategies and International Affairs, (Email: ako-adounvo.1@osu.edu)
  • Mr. Christopher Carey, (OIA, Email: Carey.3@osu.edu)


  • ALIGARH: Dr. Farukh Arjmand: (Chemistry, AMU, Email: farukh_arjmand@yahoo.com)

  • ALIGARH: Sabiha Parveen, (Chemistry, AMU, Email: sabihap1@gmail.com)

  • ALIGARH: Swaleha Naseem, (Nanotechnology, AMU, Email: nswaleha@gmail.com)

  • DELHI: Dr. Noor-e-Zahra, (Engineering, Shardah U, Email: noor_zahra_india@yahoo.com)

  • HYDERABAD: Meherunisa Nida Mir: (Email: nidamir78@gmail.com)

  • KOLKATA: Madiha Ahmed, (Email: ahmedmadiha11@gmail.com)

  • KURNOOL: Meherunisa Nida Mir: (Email: nidamir78@gmail.com)

  • PATNA: Syed Hasanain, (Email: syedhasanain@gmail.com)

  • NOTE: They will remain engaged with the project for its one year period


  • Malik Azeem (Zoology, Email: malikazeemanwar@gmail.com)
  • Dr. Parvez Alam (Biotechnology, Email: parvezalam777@gmail.com)
  • Dr. Taqseer Khan (Mathematics, Email: taqi.khan91@gmail.com)
  • Dr. Asim Rizvi (Biochemistry, Email: rizvirizviasim@gmail.com)


  • Dr. Hala, NIST, USA (Physics, Email: hala.noman@gmail.com)
  • Dr. Nida Rehmani, USA (Biochemistry, Email: nida.rehmani4@gmail.com)


  • Ashley Behrendt (OIA, Email: behrendt.16@osu.edu)
  • Priya Kurle Vasant (Mumbai Gateway, Email: vasantkurle.1@osu.edu)


  • Information for Women in STEM Roadshow workshop applications:

  • Total number of participants in each workshop: 35

    - Female students (undergraduate, Masters in science, B-Tech. M-Tech) in STEM fields from government Colleges and Universities: 28-29
    NORE: Not the colleges with the best facilities
    - High school female students: 2-3
    - Female teachers in STEM fields combined from high school and Collge: 3
    - Alumni with degree in a STEM field from a US institution: 1
    - Students should be from Minority and Disadvantaged groups and from institutions low to medium high rank level


    An participating alumnus is expected to have the following involvemnets:

    - Make a 20 minutes presentations on why study in the US universities are beneficial and share some relevant experiences

    - Spend two hours in a government high school to encourage minority and disadvantaged female students to professions in STEM fields and answer their questions regarding professions and study in STEM fields in a US university. The visit should be reported with some pictures.

    - Follow-up once after 6 months or so about the impact of the visit in bringing studens to STEM fields.

    - A report on the involvement to be included in the final report for the Department of State office.

  • CV

  • CV should include in addition to marks/transcripts and educational record, the name and adress of the institution, in a STEM field, monority group
    - The CVs will be saved for record
    - The office of US Department of State (DOS) in Delhi is expected to check the information.


  • Resume/CV of the applicants to be submitted to the local contacts/experts in India. (Email submisison is preferable )

  • Local contacts/experts will make the preliminary selection of participants
    - The final selection will be made by the PI team and local experts
    - Acceptance will be informed in January

  • Application deadline: Has been extended to January 15, 2018

  • For any questions, dealings, reportings the participants will first contact the local experts/contacts



  • Limited stipend to cover travel expense for each participant will be provided:

    i) participants within the city will receive fund equivalent to that of travel by bus, train, or van

    ii) Out of town participants will receive stipend for their economic transportation and lodging such as in a hostel with an amount determined by the local experts and within the budget allocated by the grant.


  • Mentor Fellowships will be awarded in each workshop to two female teachers in STEM fields, one from a college and one from a school. Their names and institutions will be posted at the Roadshow website.


  • Program of the WSR Workshops


  • There will be 9 workshops in Tier 1 and 2 citites in the three districts of US missions in Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata

  • Each workshop will be three sessions - 2 with lectures and 1 with hands-on activities for various information

  • Certificates will be given to participants and relevant team members involved in the program

  • Each workshop location is epected to have the presence of a Guest of Honor at the inauguration or the certificate ceremony.

  • News of the workshop for each location is expected to be published

  • Lunch, breakfast, tea/coffee in breaks will be provided during the workshops.


  • Delhi:

  • WORKSHOP 1: Feb 5-6: Day 1: 9 am - 5:30 pm, Day 2: 9 am - 2:30 pm

  • WORKSHOP 2: Feb 7-8: Day 1: 9 am - 5:30 pm, Day 2: 9 am - 2:30 pm

    Venue for workshops 1,2: Conference Hall, Communication and Information Technology, Jamia Millia Islamiaa, New Delh

  • Kolkata:

    WORKSHOP 3: Feb 9-10: Day 1: 12 noon - 5:30 pm, Day 2: 9 am - 5:30 pm

    WORKSHOP 4: Feb 11-12: Day 1: 9 am - 5:30 pm, Day 2: 9 am - 2:30 pm

    Venue for workshops 3,4: The Pearl Hotel, 35-Z Radha Madhab Dutta Garden Lane, (Opp of Salt lake Stadium VIP Gate on Em Bypass), Kolkata 700010

  • Patna:

    WORKSHOP 5: Feb 13-14: Day 1: 12 noon - 5:30 pm, Day 2: 9 am - 5:30 pm

    Venue for workshops 5: Hotel Gargee Grand, Plot no 825, Exhibition Road, Patna

  • Hyderabad:

    WORKSHOP 6: Feb 16-17: Day 1: 9 am - 5:30 pm, Day 2: 9 am - 2:30 pm

    WORKSHOP 7: Feb 18-19: Day 1: 9 am - 5:30 pm, Day 2: 9 am - 2:30 pm

    Venue for workshops 6,7: Minerva Grand Banjara Hotel, 8-2-616, Banjara Hills, Road No - 11, Hyderabad - 500034

  • Kurnool:

    WORKSHOP 8: Feb 20-21: Day 1: 12 noon - 5:30 pm, Day 2: 9 am - 5:30 pm - Dinner

    Venue for workshop 8: Mourya Inn, 40-304, Bhagyanagar, Kurnool -518 004
    Contact: Dr. Nasreen Haque


  • WORKSHOP 9: Feb 23-24: Day 1: 12 noon - 5:30 pm, Day 2: 9 am - 5:30 pm

    Venue for workshop 9: Abdullah Women's College
    Contact: Dr. Farukh Arjmand

    Feb 24: WSR Ceremony and Dinner, 7-9 pm, Abdullah Women's College

    Certificate ceremony: Group pictures-Aligarh


  • An international student interested in opportunities to study in the United States, please visit
    Your 5 Steps to U.S. Study." of EducationUSA

  • Find more information at the Higher Education – EducationUSA India website

    - Go to Find Financial Aid for vaious funds

  • OSU Admission Info:

  • Application for OSU Admission

  • Most universites/Departments require GRE General and Subject test scores

  • Provide both transcripts, B.Sc. and M.Sc, with the application. It is a requirement to compensate the 4 years of undergraduate studies in the US compared to 3 years of study in India and to waive GRE.

  • Minimum English test score requirement: TOEFL =79 or IELTS = 7
    NOTE: ETS, which administers TOEFL or IELTS, keeps the record of the score only for two years. Hence anyone who took the test beyond 2 years in the past from the submission deadline will need to take the test again.

  • TOEFL or IELTS is not required when a degree was earned in an English speaking country

    Note: 3 letters of recommendation are needed. They should be from teachers and some one who knows you academically

  • Info on the Student Visa Process, Prepared by Dr. Adrian Rogers, 2014

  • Some questions and answerw regarding filling up the application form, Prepared by Dr. Adrian Rogers, 2014

  • Directions for Applications (Prepared by Dr. Adrian Rogers)

    PROGRAM ACTIVITIES (2017 - 2018):

  • 2018:

  • November 2017 - January 2018: Local experts contact and visit institutions with the brochure applications for the workshops.
    - Students with the brochure, Magadh Mahila College, Patna (by Syed Hasanain)

  • 2017:

  • 2017: NSF official Dr. Ellen Carpenter Visit at AMU: Presentation on Women in STEM Roadshow, Sabiha Parveen, Chemistry and APJ Abul Kalam STEM Center for Education and Research of OSU-AMU, AMU, Nov 20, 2017

  • Nov - Dec:

  • Local contacts are visiting colleges, universities, and high schools and appllications are being accepted.
    Current college/universities, schools under consideration are:

  • HYDERABAD (contact: nida mir, nidamir78@gmail.com):

    Approached to instituions:

    - S creativeShadan
    - Anwar Ul loom
    - St. Anns
    - Dawn high school
    - Holy Mary 
    - St Theresa 
    - St. Alphonsus School, Banjara Hills, Road no. 8
    - St.Mark’s School 
    -  Keshav Memorial School 
    - Keshav Memorial College

    Participants applied for enrollment and acceptd:

    1. Shadan Womens College Of Engineering and Technology
    2. Shadan Womens Degree and PG college
    3. St.Anns Womens Degree College
    4. Guru Nanak Institute of Technology 
    5. Anwar-Ul-Uloom
    6. Dr.Ambedkar Open University
    7. Mansura Cyber High School
    These are the institutions from Mahbubnagar:
    1. Al-Madina college of education
    2. Sree Viveshwaraya institute of technology and science


    The Kurnool workshop has participants from the following colleges:

    1. K.V.R Government Degree College for Women
    2. Osmania Degree College for Women

  • PATNA (contact: Syed Hasanain, syedhasanain@gmail.com):

    Patna women’s Colege
    Magadh Manila 
    Ayub Urdu Girls School
    Al- Hira public school 
    Arvind Mahila Colege
    J.D. women’s college
    Bankipore Girls High school


    The project motivated many. Here are some comments and promises from participants KURNOOL:

  • Mentor Fellow Dr. Jahanara Momin: Poem, 2018


  • OSU India Gateway news: " Women in STEM Roadshow Success for India ", April 26, 2018

  • Urdu TV "Baaz E Aaaina" news "Women in STEM Roadshow" at Kurnool, circulated to 36 countries, Kurnool, Feb 20, 2018


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  • Okhla Times: "US Professors to guide girls to excel in science", Feb 6, 2018


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  • Ohio Supercomputer Center facebook message: "Congrats to Sultana Nahar on gaining ...", Nov 5, 2017

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